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I love Ark on the Switch

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After being an admin for a mega tribe on XBOX for several years, quitting and moving to the Switch has been a breath of fresh air.


NO lvl 450 manas dashing around to melt you.

NO getting pocket giga'd when you least expect it.

NO assholes swinging around on bloodstalkers.

NO mek rushes on your tp's.

NO running into batt heavies.

NO cryos, which has been the biggest game changer since Extinction was released.


Playing on the Nintendo Switch is like playing Ark the way it was originally meant to be played, before it devolved into ice foxes and giant robots.

I'll get flak for this, but I hope WC never brings the DLC's to the switch version.

This version is like the last bastion of normalcy for ARK.

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