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13 hours ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

Might I ask why you needed 1800 generators?

How do you get the idea he crafted 1800 generators?


14 hours ago, Treffy said:

If i do 1 Dedicated of generator on small tribes will my tribe be banned? how can i prove that i crafted all the generators? i need to do a video crafting all them to not get devwiped?

What?! What language is this? If I do 1 Dedicated of generators? Are you actually asking this, or are you tricking us to think you are talking about generators to hide the real issue?


10 hours ago, Treffy said:

The question is why not 1 ded of generators? PVE players lol

I dont understand why you dont understand your own question?

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3 hours ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

A dedicated tek storage holds 1,800 item. He said a storage full. That implies all 1,800 slots will contain a generator. 

The OP didnt say anything about numbers or a "full storage"
How do you read that? Either I cant read or you just read what you want to read because you "know stuff..."

The posts in this topic are so weird...

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