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pve FRESH! - PVE Fire&Ice - [10x/4man/Mods/Full Cluster] - discord.gg/FAqaY39rpU

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Fresh - 21st May

Discord: https://discord.gg/FAqaY39rpU

All Cluster Settings/Rates:

Points / Kits / Shop
Gathering: 10
Taming: 10
Egg Hatching:30
Baby Maturation: 30
Dinos Boosted Stats
Player Boosted Stats
Player Map Location: Enabled
Third Person: Enabled
Unlimited Mind Wipes
Better quality supply crates
Events, rewards


Ultra Stacks
Editable Server UI
Dino Storage v2
Awesome Teleporters
Awesome Spyglass
Immersive Taming
Reward Vault
Eco's garden
Eco's decor
Tek mana
Castles and Keeps
Kraken's better dinos


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