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Reaper lost without radiation exposure

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I had a reaper(in the sense that it wasn't born yet) but was out of pheremone glands so I ate organic poly to reset the timer, then I lost the baby, can anyone explain what happened? Did I just find a bug?

Note: I was only in the rad zone when I got impregnated, this whole sequence of events happened in fertile, and I had the baby up until the point where I ate organic poly

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organic poly shouldnt kill you, because i know that some ppl, use them in the hotbar, just in case somethign goes wrong in red zone (you die without taking rad dmg even befor your armor break) in a way to save the baby, now there are some (rare) instance where you can loose your baby even though you are not in red


starving: if you die when starving (doesnt matter how, poly, wildlife, pvp) you can sometime loose your baby too happend quite a few time to some ppl i know

mushroom spore : never happend to me personally, but i hear some ppl saying that mushroom spore can kill the baby (again in the same way as starving, if you DIE with spore effect ON) it can remove the baby


hope that it could somehow have answeared your question, even if it was long time ago ^^

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I can tell you how to test it if you really care to know.

Go into single player.  Open the console, type, "infinitestats."   Go find a Reaper Queen.   Open the console again and type "playersonly."   The Reaper won't be able to move.   Look at the Reaper and type "Impregnate" into the console.   Now use playersonly again and leave the red zone.   Turn off infinitestats and then eat your organic poly (to spawn it in, open the console and type "gfi organic 1 0 0.")

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