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Easiest Rock Drake Egg methods 2021

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So getting a Rock Drake egg is on my ark bucket list......I saw a bunch of videos and tried the ice jumper method last night.....now I don't know if something has changed since the video I watched to this day......but myself and my ice jumper lasted about 40 seconds down in the radiation zone. I had full hazard suit on, but it seemed like the rock drakes have one hell of a bite or the ice jumpers take radiation damage now??? I have no idea but I was toast very quickly with no egg. Opposite to the videos I watched.

Are rock drakes dealing more damage now?


I play on PVP.

id like to get one. 

Ive got a couple of megatheriums 

A low level giga which deals as much damage as a dodo

Can you fly argies down in aberration ?

I got a ravager 

crystal wyvern

snow owl

All basic but wondering if any of those can get me a rock drake egg?


This is all probably sounding super noob....but I can't seem to find up to date info.

Any good simple methods 



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Ravager is not immune to radiation, all other dinos you mention are not allowed in aberration.
Easiest way is to bring there high hp and dmg mana that will jump to eggs and kill all aggro drakes. Radiation hurts mana but with hi hp you have quite much time to survive there. After egg steal you can jump out radiation or just use rockwell terminal.

I use rockdrake + spino. With drake i steal eggs and aggro drakes to spino. Good spino with good saddle kills all drake easily

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Im assuming an ice jumper is a managarmr? I dont think they take radiation damage, but if they do you can feed them mushroom soups for that.

As for the easiest method? I prefer a full tek suit. Just fly down grab the egg and fly back up, very easy. Alternatively you could use a blood stalker with mushroom soups to swing down there and back up but bloodstalkers are a bit squishy so gotta be fast and careful. Using a rock drake is an easy method also but obviously you need to get your first one to do that.

Since you play on pvp a tek suit may not be feasible for you so I would say a bloodstalker is the next best option, and dont take anything valuable with you cause its possible you will die your first couple times.

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i do it with managarmr, and light pet for nameless, you need mushroom brew to protected the mana from radiation, it is a 10-15 min trip, no need to fight anything, jump down at the spine, grab an egg and jump back up using the spine 

check this video the guys doesn't use mushroom brew, so his mana take damage



Nouvelle image par points.jpg

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I use a mana and don't bother with mushroom soup, learn where the infinite egg spawning nest is as you're 100% guaranteed to get an egg (might need to leave render and go back if the first egg spoils right away) so no wasting time looking for one while the mana takes damage and where the area with no radiation and a couple of plant z is in case you need to rest and heal on your way back up, I can usually be in and out in well under 10 mins

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The way to get the first drake is : Get 2 spinos, breed them, imprint a baby, go down the trench on your imprinted spino, get an egg (even low level will do), raise your first drake, use It to get better egg.

For late game farm runs I use reaper and keep my light pet off most of the time. Drakes do next to no damage to a reaper so I feel free do clear them as many times as I want, and get a craptonn of good eggs every run (reapers weight is the only thing that limits you in this situation).

I don't know If this will work for official. I play alone on dedicated server.

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yeah I play on official dude......I managed to get a mushroom broth and feed it to my managarmr.......I drank a lot of beer (in real life) and dove down into the radiation zone and managed to panic grab me a level 51 rock drake egg and escape.......level 51 which isn't great, but something at least......


the next day......I then attempted to go back down to the radiation zone  to get a better egg.......I was feeling stoked and confident after my first excursion.......this time I got everything prepped...was feeling god like.......and then forgot to put my radiation hazard shoes on and dived down...........and LOST EVERYTHING.........hahaha....managarmr .........guns etc etc...lost it all..........and this time I was sober as a judge..............


.....lesson leaned........drink a lot beer before you dive into the pit of hell......you're more likely to survive and have way better reactions .....


PVP folks.......if you mess up......it's all gone.....

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