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Rock drake saddles (BP)

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I have spend 10s of hours on surface looking for a bp for rock drake saddles. At first I would occasionally get some RD saddles from the red or yellow drops. But that is far in the past, I dont even get those anymore. Only decent loot I get on Surface are Pliers and Dodo saddles...
Also went to Element Vault a good amount of times, which in many runs there is not even a loot drop open, or I cant find it but im pretty sure they arent always open.
To me thats ridiculous, why the hell would THAT cave not have a drop open at all times on timers. Drop time's over, when it eaches 0, new drop spawns. Take it before timers runs out, wait till timers are 0 as if you didnt take it. Most times I get the same crap as I get on surface, only slightly better.

Why the hell is Rock Drake saddle BP so special, i have a thousand bps for every other dino saddle, but 0 for Rock Drake, common WTH is this.
Am I that unlucky or what is going on with this? Are there other ways to get RD saddles?

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Does the drop right outside the cave, between the spikes, maybe mistakenly belong to the same cluster as the cave spawns? If anyone can tell me all the spawn locations, I might be overlooking spawns.

Does anyone know a link or vid to all the spawn locations of drops in Element Vault?

These locations I know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xpiwvLKNPw&ab_channel=TheTJ125

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Ive done OSD's many times, didnt get any BPs for Rock Drake ones nor saddles. I only do purple ones, only occasionally Red ones. But didnt get any RD saddles, nor bps out of them yet.
ISo I dont think Rock drake saddles are on the OSD's loot table.

Genesis Tier 3 loot crates, I think might have RD saddles in it. But Ive bought maybe 50 tier 3 loot crates, and no RockDrake saddles. THose contain, I think ALL the saddles, but since it contains ALL saddles the chance to get a RD saddle is very, very slim. Above that, only 1-4/5 tier 4 crates will give you items out of the "saddle" loot table. So that I think will be a long, long grind for RD saddles, and then my wish to get a RD saddle BP.

Thanks for answer though, I so hope Im wrong. OSDs drop so many bps at ones... And Gen loot crates are pretty easy to grind for.

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I have been on abb since the start and the surface was the place for rock drake saddles.  Now I only find them in the element vault and the drop right outside the cave in the little pillars. The drops in that video are were I go and have never found a different spot in the cave where a drop spawns. I do always go and take the artifact which seems to make a drop spawn when there isn't any but I find I have to leave the cave and return for this to happen. My guess is there is about a 30 min timer between drops spawning. Good luck since in 3 years I only found 25 or so with only maybe 5 being good.

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