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Introducing Conquest Season 3!

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Conquest servers are being re-introduced by Snail Games and to kick-start the new season, our current Classic PvP season will end and servers will be wiped shortly before the new Conquest begins on April 27th at 10am Pacific.

New Season Details 

  • Experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been doubled compared to our standard Official Servers (2x)
  • No cave building
  • Scaling of weapon damage has been reduced
  • Tribes are set to 25 players max
  • Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed
  • Servers have a maximum player count of 100
  • These maps will be available on launch (April 27th): The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, and The Center.
  • The following maps will be added on May 7th: Aberration, Extinction, Genesis I, and Crystal Isles.
  • TEK is enabled.
  • Titans will be available on Extinction on the 7th but they will not be able to be transferred between servers.
  • No specific creature balance or spawn changes.
  • Disabled dino unclaiming
  • Disabled non-tribe pin code access to structures

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why  are so adamant on being a forum warrior for something you have nothing to do with. here is an idea leave the thread. we are voicing our concern about a game mode WE LOVE TO PLAY. Conquest is t

LOLLL how it will play out? Bro. 

Please extend the 24 cooldown to a 7 day cooldown.

24 Hour cooldown with + No cave building will not work. If someone has a base on land it is going to be impossible to defend it when 2 different tribes of 25 people each show up to your base show up while there are only 5 or 10 people online. Normally, if there weren't a 24 hour cooldown it would be somewhat possible to defend since you would actually be able to get 25 people online to defend. However, the fights that are going to happen are going to be severely unbalanced because of this if this rule stays, since it would be so easy to get 50 people to attack someones base, but impossible to get a full 25 online to defend a base. If if were possible to build in caves this could work, since it is very easy to defend a cave with a few people against a large number of people, however, since its only possible to build land bases this season, the 24 hour cooldown on tribe slots will make it very difficult to defend any base.

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dont release conquest with both settings / rules -.- it will die so fast u cant defend a spot which isnt a cave against 25 when u only have 6 ppl online... u will get steamrolled,no matter wheres ur base or how big it is / how its builded... and with no teaming rules it will just end in a big mess with 3 25 tribes fobbing 6 ppl and 2 other tribes counterfob.... it will seem like chess... oh and i forgot the chinese on their griffins flying above all this and popping some heads

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Please rethink your decision about the 24hour tribeslot cooldown. Its gonna ruin the fun experience for less active Players, cause all of the 25 members have to be extremely active to avoid being raided, in conclusion the more inactive Players wont even be invited and cant enjoy this fresh Conquest Season. The non Cave Building Rule is gonna speed up the Conquest Season and smaller Tribes are gonna get quickly raided cause they cant hold a fully open Basespot againt bigger tribes.

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