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Nitrado is the only host currently that you can rent servers for on Xbox/Windows 10 crossplay. Each sever is independent from one another but can be linked so Yes, they will be separate purchases. To keep things simple it's usually about $1/per player. If you promote and create a good community you will find members can donate through nitrado to help cut down the cost. 

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There are "hacks" to cluster servers together with the windows 10 version of ark, i use my desktop to host one server and my laptop to host another both are set up so that we can transfer between them. There is also a hack to host multiple windows 10 servers on the same PC however i wouldn't recommend it unless you have very good hardware. Player dedicated servers are much more demanding than normal servers due to how they work (the host is actually loaded into the game), it's a shame that the tool to host a server normally is private to nitrado...

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