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What is your steam name:


what timezone are you in:

London UTC+1

What is your Discord #ID?:

What is your steam name:

Darius , (I can change it to 123 if its nescessary)

what timezone are you in:

Ankara (GMT+3)

What is your Discord #ID?:


how old are you?:


do you have experience? (don't need a lot):

15 hours on pc thousands on Xbox

how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum):

4-5 hours

what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe?

i dont get involved in the politics i just farm the entire time im online and get annoyed when people aint doing it properly but also open to learning if there is a better way to do it if im doing it wrong 

are you a Taming Person or a Farming person?

im  farming person but i can raise babies but i cant breed stuff (i dont understand it tbh)

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