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Community Crunch 263: Genesis II Reveals and More!

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12 hours ago, GordoGoH said:

i dont really play mods either, ill play modded ark like twice a year maybe, i main officials and some unofficials. And well i never directly said that they are useless, they just aren't as useful as other creatures mid to late game. 

oh, well its completely different online, cause i was talking from a pvp standpoint. most of the animals mentioned are for pve farming or for travel. in a pvp situation a meg will die to even just a survivor on a boat with a good sniper or shoty, brontos are big and thus their heads peak above the trees and enemy tribes flying over can see their heads above trees (that is why theri or bear are good for berry farming in pvp), Carno is basically useless in a pvp situation cause... giga, as stated pteras are only useful for early game travel as once you can tame CW's they useually match in speed and have a bigger stam pool... plus tropes are bascially gods of the skies (ima do a quote from another game and replace a couple of words)... "Voodoo 1 Tropeo on Station. Your journey ends here survivor. The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to fly". 

ok, I didn't say you said they were useless. it's different hearing words online when it's only text.

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...I thought the maewing was going to be small, based on the first image we saw of it. Was not expecting it to be that big!

cant wait for those to be duped  

This game is horrible and will always be horribly developed. The development team does nothing for the community and we all know it and its a slow decline to a shallow grave for Wildcard. People found

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