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Community Crunch 263: Genesis II Reveals and More!


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We're heading right into the launch of Genesis II on May 26th, and we know you are eager to see what's in store.  Well we are eager to share some of what we've been working on!



Download in high resolution

Engineered to be the ultimate interstellar wet nurse and surrogate parent, in addition to automatically taking care of your babies, the Maewing can steal enemy offspring by luring their young in for an irresistible suckle!


Egg Incubation Device


Download in high resolution

No need to fiddle around finding the right conditions for an egg when the mechanical Egg Incubation Device can cook them to perfection and reduce the amount of attention required. Scrambled, poached or fried? 




Download in high resolution

With a deployment of the Exo-mek, you will be able to change the tide of battle, enjoy an aerial view or manage your base to perfection with ease - but only after you pass the ultimate test!



    EVO Event


    Eggcellent Adventure has been extended until Monday April 19th.  There will be no EVO event while Eggcellent Adventure is live.


    Community Corner


    A new group of ARK builders called the ARKitekts, is putting out a wealth of information, videos, and how-to's on building.  Be sure to check out their Twitter for more information!

    Creator: ChipzZ

    Waiting for the egg incubator in Genesis II to make your life easier?  In the meantime, check out this egg farm by ChipzZ

    Creator: Kiddas

    Do you have some friends that are just getting into ARK?  Check out these tips from Kiddas!

    Fan Art

    Imperiat - Snow Owl


    CoiledDragon#3391- Quick Rock Drake Sketch


    @N_Life93 - Snow Owl


    @shezabubadino - May, Lilac, Rexxuz, Coqueta and Pikachu


    VAL | Alice#9411- So I Heard People Like Dodos?




    In-Game Screenshots















    @FM_17_8 - Poglin


    @shezabubadino - Mei Yin Glass Painting


    See you next week survivors!
    Studio Wildcard

    Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
    Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
    Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
    Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
    Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
    Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark

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    So is that supposed to be a better Mek? or a smaller, more easy to maneuver version with enhanced features? Either way its made me even more hyped! Assuming its the reward for finishing the map. Very excited for it to release, keep up the awesome work!


    Can't wait for the incubator either, although the S+ mod has spoiled me with the A/C's being really effective.


    Edit : Nevermind on my initial question. I see it was apparently a mek all along and mislabeled as "Exo Suit" when you released the crunch.

    Edited by Zedex
    Wildcard clarified the name from "Exo Suit" to "Exo Mek"
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    Belle rivelazioni, la domanda e quante creature saranno bug? Molto probabilmente tutte si, ma ancora di più, quanti bug ingame troveremmo? Sicuramente più di quanti sene possa immaginare, a poi un altra cosa, la mappa e già stata testata? No sicuramente sarà robinava finche non la aggiusterete rattoppandola alla meglio dopo 5 o 6 mesi dall'uscita, si insomma come per tutte le altre mappe, ma la vera donda e, wildcard, hai crato un gioco ideologicamemte stupendo, ma i tuoi sviluppatori non sono mai riusciti e farne una buona creando una marea di erriri ai quali non sono riusciti a porvi rimedio, quando li licenzi e trovi dei veri programmatori? Così forse potrei persino pensare di riprendere il gioco. Dai su

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    @ 25 tips and tricks video:

    No mention about grinding to 100 via note runs before building or taming anything as your base is free loot till you get heavy auto turrets. No mention about Wild Card sanctioned cheating via graphics INI mods making it impossible to hide bases in dense forests / jungles. And most importantly no mention of telling players to decide on pvp, pve, official, or unofficial as that determines how to play and start out.

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    52 minutes ago, Brizzyne said:

    Ooooooh I didn't realize the maewing was gonna be so big!!! Super stoked for those and the shadowmane. Also the egg incubator. Please please test test test before you release this Ark...  I legit don't mind waiting longer if its perfect when it comes out... But... Still... I am excited !!! 

    wow ok obv I'm blind everyone else thinks this thing is crazy big

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