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No, those dinos arent allowed AND it will take thousands of years, maybe millions to have the Megaphithecus spawn. Its an ultra-next level EXTREMELY rare spawn...
If you play singleplayer and spawned in the Rexes and Yuty, you can spawn in Gamma Megapithecus and take it on easily...

That based on the fact that I believe you meant to say that your Rexes have 800-1200 melee and saddles of 117 quality. Not sure if you can take it on if your saddles have 800-1200 quality and where made from a blueprint with 117% crafting-bonus.
Rex saddles cap at 124 quality, so the numbers above 124 arent taken into aspect.
If your Rexes have 800-1200 saddles, but 0 points spend into melee, you will have a hard time, because the battle might take pretty long. I think you might be able to take it, since your Rexes have high HP and really good saddles, but it might be a close call.

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I think it is pretty obvious the topic was mis-posted and it doesn't involve Aberration.

I would say yes I think you probably can beat Gamma with those Rexes. The Yuti doesn't need 10k stam at all, but I think you should be fine. If you haven't done Megapithecus before or seen how the fight goes then that is likely to be your downfall more than anything else.

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On 4/11/2021 at 9:17 AM, Bloublis said:

So I was thinking about defeating gamma Megapithecus solo. With 17 Rexes 1 Yuty The Rexes have 60k-70k hp and around 800-1200% saddle armor 117% The Yutyranus has 10k stamina Can I defeat Megapithicus

Looks solid, but Id still add a deadon. The food stat acts as a buffer for incoming attacks against your crew. Helps reduce damage to nearly nill, keeps everyone alive longer, helps with the healing process after the fight too. Just in case you feel like hitting it again if everyone doesn't have much damage and you wanna double down.

Also, watch some youtube vids as there is a drop off on the first main bridge you should avoid. Hate to tell everyone to follow you just to have a rex or two fall off the side and die to gravity. x.x

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