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Hacked and lost everything .. PLEASE HELP !!

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I have been playing ARK since its launch, I started playing it on PS4, then moved to PC and have thousands of hours paying the game, from taming, to breeding, building, and all these things.

However there are some issues that I am facing in the game that have made me frustrated, and lost:

1- The large number of bugs and glitches.

2- Server lags and crashes.

3- Losing characters all the time.

4- Hacking (which I currently am facing).


You see, I have been hustling non stop in the game, building bases in every map that there is, breeding gigas and many other animals, collecting materials, crafting, and recently I have been transforming my main base into full TEK.

However, I was transferring from one server to another (transferring materials) when the server suddenly crashed after I transferred and there was a 30 minute roll back, which caused my character to be deleted, because I couldn't find it anywhere, so I raised a report to support and as many of you know, their appointments do take some time, mine was about a month or more, in the mean time, I started logging in to the game every 3 days to reset my decay timer, and put all my dinos in their cryopods, and into their cryofridges and locked them, just so we are clear, I had over 380 dinos.. a lot for a solo player I know.

After some time of me waiting for the appointment day to come, I joined my server to realize that there are 3 giga eggs in my egg hatching room, I do not remember having eggs, nor do I remember putting any eggs there. When I checked the eggs, I noticed that they were from my own gigas, but the person that threw the eggs was a different person, and so I immediately reported it to support and sent them photos of what had happened, and their response was " An investigation into this matter is now underway and we do not require further information from you to proceed. We will now be moving your report to closed status whilst we investigate. Due to player privacy, we are unable to discuss the status or outcome of the investigation."

I said okay and waited.. and kept waiting.. nothing happened, in fact, I joined in to the game at some day, only to realize that all my dinos (in cryopods) are gone, as well as all my sheilds and saddles.

This was a shock to me, because everything is locked and there is no one playing with me (I do have tribe members that are my real life friends for back up in case I lost my character again but they dont play the game), so I raised another report to support, they asked for supporting images, once I sent them what they wanted, they returned back to me with the same message about the investigation.

After I got my ownership to my bases back, the Admin was kind enough to give me an Argentavis to help myself out, it was also stolen 2 days after I got it. I had some of the rarest dinos, and a custom colored Griffin, that I really hate that I lost it.

It has been since January and nothing happened, I tried reaching out to the devs on Twitter with no response at all. This has really frustrated me, especially that I have not heard anything at all from support.

I now own nothing, except for empty bases. ZERO dinos, ZERO armor, and ZERO saddles.

I am asking please, if someone knows anyone from the developers to be able to send them this message to help me with my matter, I would be forever greatful.

I cannot add all of the pictures that I want, so here is a link of the same topic on Reddit with the pictures of everything that happened:


Thank you all.


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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are basically on your own.  They do not reimburse for lost dinos at all these days and even more so, all they'll do for a lost character is (assuming you have screenshots of all your engrams, all your unlocks, all your gear, and a screenshot of your implant with your boss unlocks), which most people don't have or would think they would need in a game this far along.   Welcome to getting mega-Arked, I've lost 3 different toons to that BS and yeah, it was ridiculous.   That's why I play on private now and haven't looked back at Official Ark servers.  The only time I plan on playing on official again is for the launch of Genesis part 2, then after that, back to private.  Sorry it happened to you, you aren't alone, but this is what it is. :/


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