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tlc Small TLC (not full tlc but updates)


im basing these off the way they did the small TLC for things like the Thyla, megalodon, etc. NOT full TLC where model changes, new sounds, etc

but overall improvements. some would even reuses Animations of other things. 

  • Scorpion: Able to pick what Attack you want. (Right trigger Stinger attack) and (Left for claws) Claws do more damage and can uses claws when moving but no stinger. (claws also do slightly more armor damage). Stinger does less Base damage but deals more torpor (will stop you moving if you uses it while walking)


    Sabertooth: able to jump in the wild to attack, AOE movement (moves like an Enforcer or Tappy, can move side to side) Dash attack like a Shadowmane but it's not lighting fast and it can be telegraph and it causes the targets to become slower but  you can avoid it, Outnumber buff When you are under attack by Targets Stronger or Equal to your sabertooth you get an "Outnumbered buff" Like a Backwards pack buff (Max is 8+) 


    Ankyo: auto Harvest, less weight on Flint and crystal, Anky tail can be moved left or Right when Mining, Higher AP damage, Crystal is less wight


    Thorny dragon: Saddle can act as a Smithy and a Mortar and pestle (The best Nomad tame) melee attack deals a bit more damage. can use its tail to knock things back. Spikes deal 25 damage (goes up in melee) and give poison so it drains stamina. Tail swipe does knockback 


    Bronto: 70% less weight for berries (so you can move after being black-boxed) Kinda like the stego, Rather then-new animations it can reuse the Titanosaur front stomp and Leg stomp. (does about as much damage as a Rex and a Bit more at higher levels), Bronto takes no Knockback. The base saddle has 6 seats. better combat, Cargo and Travel tame!


    Moth: Able to make silk overtime, Faster speed, able to poop gas while on the ground, gives a buff that lessens the effects of gasses and Airborne sicknesses, like Swamp fever and even gas grenades 


    Mantis: Able to Jump, Able to uses more tools (whips are like... whips but longer range and take stun SLIGHTLY bigger things, Pikes deal more AP damage but swords to more RAW damage.


    Fire Wyvern: Does more max Fire damage than Ember Wyvern, the breath attack last much longer (about 2 secs less then lightning)


    Trike: roar (buffs it and gives it the rivalry effect for a Short amount of time) when charging at something you can give the target the "Gash" effect so it's handier in combat rather than just being a soaker. Able to attack while it walks with a Bite, Bite (does less damage and knockback than horns but you can use it will attacking something while moving


    Patchyrhino: Able to pick what type of gas you want (Passive, rage, Boost or Poison) and you can emit the gas in an AOE style or shoot it out in front of you with its noses vents (likes Kind of a shorter range version of the Poision wyvern blast). Base melee attack does more damage and has a bite animation. [Passive makes wild and even tamed dinos not attack you and can even fight for you (Like a SUPER poormans noglin) Rage makes targets target EVERYTHING around them, EVEN YOU you can uses this as a lure, to causes panic or to have fun!, Boost does nothing to wild dinos but buffs Tribe mates and allies (Gives extra HP regen, higher XP, and deal slightly more damage) AND poision acts like the Poision Wyverns gas, deals damage!] When riding you get a Gasmask buff (so the gas is useless agesnt you)

  • Patchy: able to gather stone and flint from rocks (like an early game anky), able to jump, Adds more torpor when attacking, Charge adds a lot more Torpe damage, they also deal overall more melee damage to turn into an early game combat herbo


    Therizino (uses one claw at a time to attack rather then the double swipe) (more of a OCD thing but thats just me)


    Frog: Able to get CP from other bugs, like Arthos, scrops, spiders, ETC. and they take much less fall damage. 


    Beaver: wood Weight reduced by 85% and can get about as much as a Chainsaw. Can Spawn on the ocean biome on genesis. special Crafting when you ride it. Able to craft Cementing past From wood (Need about 500 wood for 10 CP makes you feel bad about them wild beavers now?)


    Carno: Able to Charge (Hold Headbutt while running) at a Target, causing a Cripple effect (like a trike), when it hits 25% health, it deals more damage and 1.5% damage resistance. Roar: Debuffs nearby targets


    Raptor: Better jump, Deals more damage, When you are the ground and press pounce (they do a leap attack) like a Troodon (reuses the same animation) but when you jump and press it. it pounces (locks target for 60 secs) (can kick off and weaken raptor)


    Spider: Able to climb, better Walking ability like tek boots, Spider webs make targets take more damage, Can spawn on ab (all zones), and Heals faster when eating something dead. JUMP ability! Poison does damage rather than torpor (able to set to turret mode)


    Arthro: can Spay acid like a Flamethrower (Hold spit ability), Better climbing (like tek boots), Bite does Poison (lowers stamina)


    Pegomastax: Buffs loot from loot boxes when on the shoulder (can add up with Lieo effect as well), Can open doors and boxes for you (small boxes, and up to stone doors) (NEW: Able to take control of them like a Noglin so you can steal peoples things better, has a limited range so you can't send them to the otherside of the map. by them selfs)


    Seagull: gives a boost when fishing (better loot). can have it only knock out someone's weapons (only when tamed), Adds fishing mode (goes fishing on own) 


    Monkey: Has a Crafting skill tree that helps boost your crafting still when it's on your shoulder (not as good as a Players Based crafting skill. but a little buff)


    Wolf: Sniff ability will help you find Hidden dangers or traps (Provles, Reapers, big snake, Traps, turrets, generators, and Beehives)


    Titanoboa: able to ride and Breed. Helps collect eggs nearby (it may eat them) Better climbing (like tek boots), Able Grab targets to suffocate or to Poison. (can latch on some things like rex's to suffocate them) Able to Grab eggs without making nearby dinos mad 


    Thylacoleo: Able to uses claws to attack, Deals bleed more damage


    Dung beetle: able to gather POOP on its own! can breed (if you want) and it can use small poop as well.


    Crab: Able to breed (needs water and takes as long as a Rex)


    Gallimimus: Able to build up more speed (like a bear), and can move almost 2 times faster than a Managarmer and takes 50% less fall damage. wight on some items are less when you aim your gun you have little recoil (due to the saddle stables)


    Dimetrodon: Able to set to "Fan mode" and it starts to steam. it makes nearby eggs hatch faster and gives them cools them down (Boosted off of melee damage) And Range is (HP)


    Moschops: able to gather fish meat. 


    Kentro: can be ridden with saddle and they can only Stab the Target if it 35% hp. however, with the saddle, it will lower the Damage other dinos take when attacking them the more armor the less health the target takes when attacking.  


    Morellatops: Upgrades water-based off of Food, and has better attack damage. Gains Hydration buff, 


    Hyaenodon: able to feed it meat to tame (best is mutton)


    Diplodocus: able to uses tail as a Whip (gathers items boxes and able to Stun even Gigas!) less weight on resources by 50%, Gains Hydration buff in water, better swiming.


    Quetzal: loses less stamina, food, heals faster, And Gains more speed higher up they are. and a Weight reduction on Natural resources 85% (Turns into a Cargo plane). the normal saddle can seat 4 people plus a rider. 


    Pteranodon: Able to grapple on the wall (like tappy) can Grab people to take them off mounts and can drop them (Like the Leatherwing from Atlas but the Corrupted ones can't pick you up) (, gets speed buff like Trope when behind a flyer, better damage buff. better stamina buff (able to dive like snow owl but also will do more damage when it drops down) if they pick you up when you attack a Player-owned one they have a set time limit so they can't hold you forever (max is 60 secs)  


    Paraceratherium: Stomp attack is better (Kinda reuses the Mammoth melee attack) , back KICK for larger targets, Mounted turrets feed off of the inventory of it such as Balistlas, Cannons, miniguns, etc. better wight. Gains Hydration buff 


    Baryonyx: Swip attack uses claws to attack (Faster melee speed), and gains Hydration buff. Stun locking has a 30-sec timer after you get stunned once so you can't get stunned locked again, Same for tames and even wild dinos. 


    Spinos: Able to get more Prime fish meat from fish and sea tames (such as sharks), heals faster when eating fish like Bary


    Meglos: Able to uses during the day but gain their super buff at night. they walk around as Normal during the day but takes more stamina than at night. and they deal about 25% Less damage a day. but gains it back at night. But you can still make it sleep. and they do that in the wild. (can spawn in more areas like jungles, grasslands, etc) But has some downsides like being able to be snatched by Crabs


    Manta ray: able to feed it meat but Angler gel is its kibble. 


    Ichthyosaur: Able to hop out of the water, gains speed boost when in danger, can heal faster when it eats a Live fish. 


    Sacro: Higher base HP, able to Hold bite attack to deal a Heavy bite (gives Bleed), takes less damage due to hide, spin can Cause a small amount of damage and Knockback, Better attack range (it would be more V Shape due to the jaws and the way it bites, so you don't have to hug the target to attack) Pounce is better and can deal Bleed. Gains Hydration buff


    Kapro: Able to Jump, has a Way to get out of jaws (Keep punching), Able to charge its Leap to go even farther, can set to "Trap" mode. so it can be set to players, tames, or anything and it will stand still and wait for something to get near. and then it will pounce at it. 


    Phiomia: drops prime meat, resource weight lowered by 25%, able to gather berries, and able to graze on its own. The slaughter option gives 3X more meat and Hide!


    Megalodon: Deals Bleed damage that does not slow down the target. 


    Diplocaulus: Able to pick up. you can barely hold it but you can, Able to make oil and pearls over time in the water, Able to Insta kill Trolbits, Sea Scrops and Ammonites and you get 3xs more items from them, and Black pearl weight is reduced by 85%


    Plesiosaur: Heals faster the deeper you go, can Move around like a Tappy but its for the water, Deals more damage. flipper blast that can knock things back. 


    Mosasausaur: Able to roar and debuff anything nearby. Can use tail to attack, Bite does more damage, Better attack range Immune to jellyfish stings


     leedsichthys: Able to TAME!, can ride without a saddle but you can Make a Ship saddle to be a Pirate, and it will have a raft option with the saddle. able to gather meat from it over time, and it deals nice damage, can uses tail to knock things back! is a Passive tame but you need to be level 50 to do it. (Saddle can be wooden or metal) 


    Liopleurodon: two types spawn: the normal one, does more damage the Megalodon, Able to pick up speed from nearby sea life (like trope), has a Hook attack where it can drain blood to heal itself. needs saddle and is a KO tame.  

    then the Magic one that is VERY colorful. it is very fast but does little to no damage, it can even WARP!. it helps out with Loot and gives better loot and stuff like skins from drops, EVEN kibble but it's rare. only last for 30 mins 


    Angler: able to turn up or down the brightness of the lamp, and it scares off eels and jellies. Makes anger gel over time, Able to Place Angler gel in your touch to uses underwater.


    Allo: when not in a Pack it can use its claws to Slash. it does light AP damage and Deal a Small bleed damage, Better movement on sloped terrain (like the Sheep) And the walking makes fewer sounds when she walks!, Feeding frenzy (When in a Pack even a extra 1+ it makes the Target take more max damage overtime and when the deed is done they gain a Healing buff But for the whole pack! Yumm)


    Yuty: able to change what type of roar you want by pressing *Jump* (Whatever that button is for you) Able to make it even have the Fear AOE or buff Front roar! AOE does less but covers more, direct gives more but less cover. Carno recruit now last 6 mins instead of 1!.  


    Meglaina: unlimited climbing stamina, faster movement, able to Give rabies to wild and Tamed dinos and it DESTROYS HEALTH AND STAMINA!, Higher Melee damage, Spit attack is like Dillo spit (Blinds targets and does damage over time)


    Deadon: Able to eat anything that is ORGANIC! So meat, rotten meat, berries, eggs, Mushrooms, etc!


    Terror bird: Bite does 45% AP damage, Pack call to boost your pack. able to attack like floating in the air. Can uses Kick Attack (reuses from the Roo) to deal more damage when running and even slow down the target


    Stego: Bite ability, Backplates retain their color when you change the plates but they will change the pattern. 


    Chalico: able to drink beer, and it will deal more damage and have higher damage resistance but lower stamina (like a ferox but instead of element its beer, kinda like me on a weekend)


    Basilisk: able to breed (Need eggs to feed) and it takes as long as a Yuty!


    Drakes: able to breed (need venom still) 



    Enforcer: able to feed it element and it acts like a Sweet veggie cake (heals 500 hp but has a timer) and has 25 armor.


    Lystro: XP effect will Last on the dino it affected until it runs out, no need for it to be next to it.  


    Hesperornis: fishing mode added, and will tell you when it will lay an egg, can spawn on AB to cleanse the fish and to make light blue kibble early ab game)


    Rollrat: Able to role in the wild, Saddle acts as smithy (can even repair saddle on the go but at a higher cost) when you role at a target you can Deal HEAVY damage (Like a Rhino, but it can Causes ALOT of effects for the cost of saddle durability (Gash, cripple, stun, etc) 


    Ravager: Melee swap does Bleed (even when tamed) (There bleed is like the Thylas where it does not slow you down). Heals when eating Dead things (Like Argy)  


    Ferox: Able to Do AOE slam when in Midair (Meaning you can Dismount someone whos bigger then you, like a Giga), when Larger they gain immunity to a few things
    (poison/Trope, Bleed is lessees and Radiation 


    Megachallion: Able to build more on it, able to have fish swamps protect it, Fiber, berries, and more can grow on it. takes less fire damage. 


    Magmasaur: takes no fire damage and saddle cools you off, and Emits an AOE Antifreeze buff (without holding the spit), so Managarmers are much weaker to them    


    Phoenix: Able to land on the ground and get back up (so if it gets grounded it can go back in the air), Able to smelt Scrap metal, Congested gas, and more. heals more based on the temperature of the area. Immune to Snowy Owl and Managarmer freezing. mana do nothing to them. 


    Bats: Able to land.... that's it. 


    Purlovia: able to borrow underground while riding it (like a poor man's Basilisk)


    Deer: Female deer move faster than males, have higher base weight and can jump higher, and can even use their front legs and back legs to attack (reuses Horse kick). and Males deal Bleed damage to everything (like a carno), move slightly faster, deal AP damage, has higher Hp


    Procoptodon, when mate boosted, it makes females make nearby babies eat less and gives a +2.5 imprint, but if in the pouch (that can fit a baby rex) it is buff to 4.5% and baby is feed by the mama, able to pick things up that are not your in PVP setting (aka you can Abduct people and there dodos! MONSTER!) Kick attack does more damage depending on the Size of the target



    Carbo: able to hide in its shell (makes them take less damage but turrets are less likely to target them) (CAN DISABLED) New diet. (Fish and meat). stronger bite, better swim, can fish while on its back, Piranhas don't attack them while in water, can spawn in the swamp. Low knockback damage (unless using a Bronto), wight buff on resources.


    Doed: Less weight for stone and stone-like things, (like obsidian, Sand and that's it)


    Eel: if you wear a full suit of tek or a full Scuba suit you are immune to shock. 


    Pelagornis: Able to dive down (like an owl), when killing fish you can get some more goods from them (like hide, oil, organic polly, etc) deal more damage to sea life (Megalodons worst nightmare). Fishing buff (can add up with seagull) able to get even more organic polly (less wight too) 


    Snail: Able to breed (why though eats sap as a baby), less weight for organic polly. 


    Astroletusus: Platform saddle is not more of a seat for other and they can do other things [Rider drives it, can Warp, drop bombs and Bite, Co-Piot can shoot Homing element shots (like the space dolphin) from the front, back and side) can uses Bomber and has a Tek Monitor too see things, third person can turn on the Cloak, Shield or Boost (Cloak makes the whale and ALL near by flyer invisible like the drake (if attacked it will turn off) Shield adds MAX armor but EATS element, and Boost makes all near by Allies buffed (like yuty)] Gunners now have a new gun under the bomber [W,M,U,C) able to ether (Fire a Large Lightning wyvern like Blast that deals HEAVY damage to targets but not buildings, Cannon blast (does HEAVY damage to Buildings but low to living targets) And Tractor beam, its a better skiff beam on the whale]

    Gunners also have 3 new modes (ANTI Target) fires lasers like the space dolphin that hits the targets instantly but no damage to Buildings (ANTI AIR) adds Homing Energy balls Like the space dolphin (does more damage too) AND (ANIT BUILDING) adds the original attack that is good all around but has low range)

    stats. Spacewhales Bite does equal damage to a Rex and the tail does heavy knockback like bronto, Able to poop amberglits (very slow) MORE HP 


    Ammonite: Bile is more useful. it can make Dishes stronger for dinos to uses (even battle tartare) Can make a throw as bait (like honey), able to make Toxic gas grenades (uses gas grenades but makes them KILL!). can make stronger med brews and stronger energy brews, Pheromone darts work on everything!. ammonites can spawn on AB, can the bile can be harvested from (Deathworms on SE, can spawn on AB, and can get them from corrupt dinos on EXT) 


    Dillo: Able to pet to give buff, Can add meat pack on it, CUZ WHY NOT.


    Mammoth: Platform saddle it can even be smaller than a Quetzal, and the drum buff buffs both stamina and Damage.


    Penguin: able to warm the nearby area, Able to add meat pack, Can hunt fish for you and it lays eggs. Once in awhile, they will shed their skin and you can get some organic polly. nice!


    Deathworms: Can drop Black pearls (up to 40 to 100) Alphas drop (500) can spawn on Gen 2 via rockwells meat zone.


    Dein: AKA the crack raptor!. able to have a light glide. higher damage, heals 2.5x faster, Mouth opens when roars, Deals more damage depending on the size of the creature and Max health (max for bosses bosses)


    Dunkle: able to gather more resources from sea rocks (Oil nodes: Obsidian, Flint, stone, Metal, crystal), (Metal nodes: Metal, Oil, Obsidian, Silica, Stone, flint and more), Sea plants can give wood and fiber, Able to act as a living grinder (like trope but not as good), Less weight on Stone, metal, oil, crystal, obsidian, flint and wood. 90% AP damage (aka armor is worthless ageist it)


    Troodon: Highlights nearby targets (rather than that useless version we have now) Able to pick up


    Equus: Able to make a saddle that can also act as a Smithy. Can have 2 people ride it. Lasso can be used when not on a Horses (unlock when you unlock saddle) 


    archaeopteryx: Able to have it ride your shoulder like a Microraptor but when you jump you can glide like normally. (can't uses weapon though) they can spawn on AB as an aberrant version  


    Oviraptor: Able to add meat pack on it, once you do, it can gather eggs when set to wander, can spawn on ALL maps (ab as an ab version)

    R-VERSONS: [New ability Lower HP, Faster healing (2X) Eats more, more Damage]  New Dino types (Stegos, mammoths, theiry, Chalico, Patchyrhino, Rex, Spino, Spider, Yuty, Rav, Kapro, Dodo, Raptor, Megalodon, Tusso, Anger, Crab, Mantis And Athro

    X-Versons: [Takes 25% Less Melee damage and 10% less range damage ASIDE FROM THE STEGO, they get 2x more melee damage, More Stamina, Less damage] New types: Stego, Terror bird , Patchyrhino, Sarco, Frog, Iguanodon (Bog) Mammoth, Beaver, Bigfoot, Chalico, Bear, Dodo (Snow) Plesiosaur, Pelagornus (Ocean) Giga, Basilisk, Carno, Knetro (Lava) Rav, Crab, Bulbdog, shinhorn, Rolerat (SPACE)

    Ab versions: Same stats but effects are Lowerd by 55% so poision last less, bleed, etc. NEW TYPES [Spider, Dimorphodon, megalania (All Biomes), Chaico, Patchy, Acrhyopox (Mircorapor wanna be) (Green zone) Patchyrhino, Knetro, Chalico (Blue zone) (None in red zone)

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I was son,y saying specificity weight reduction to ALL items, when coding that in, you have to click a little laggy plus symbol, enter a few numbers such as % of weight reduced, then lagging enter the the item you want reduced in weight. Then you repeate for thousands of items. And, every DLC, the new stuff needs to be added. And with any mods, that stuff wouldn’t work. 

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16 hours ago, Qwertymine said:

This is a lot more than a small TLC...

i tryed to make some like the TLC like the one during TLC 3.

like how the thylo can deal bleed. not a full model change and new animations, but some things to make them better, some are a bit odd balls like the yuty and patchy 

but i want them to give all the dinos at least something new about them so they can be used more. Like deer should be more for combat, same with trikes.

not many people uses pteranodon's anymore, most uses Wyverns and agrys and tropes. (sometimes tappys) 

im still going to update for things that may not sound handy. but its worth a shot

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On 4/12/2021 at 4:47 PM, Dinobros2000 said:

Good ideas! Like most, however, some dinos are good as they are and don’t need said changes. Also, quetzal having weight reduction on ALL items is painful, because you have to manually enter each item in individual. 

not really, you can shove everything in them and get a move on. you can be black boxed and not move like a rock in a desert, i see the Quetzal role as a Cargo Plane, and if it has less wight one Everything then it can fit that role, they have nice carry wight but the speed is what kills them, plus they have no bonus on a item like a Argy. 

now items that you place in a box.. maybe, that could be hard to do. but the role is for them to is to load everything you need, (say building parts for a bases, turrets, ammo, etc) you can haul all of it in one go, at the cost of speed, and even have extra weight to hold yourself. (if your like me you would know, im a pack rat)

and with the stamina buff at a set altitude, then it will be very good sense most players will not beable to find you. but if they do. you could be in trouble,  

i was thinking about a gunship saddle but i want to make these into "small tlcs" not full blown new things 

Some stuff like the Patchy gas could reuse the Stego plate mode and when it uses the range gas, it can reuse the Poison wyvern blast but shorter range 

again im still updating sense i forgot some things, like the deer

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21 hours ago, Dinobros2000 said:

I was son,y saying specificity weight reduction to ALL items, when coding that in, you have to click a little laggy plus symbol, enter a few numbers such as % of weight reduced, then lagging enter the the item you want reduced in weight. Then you repeate for thousands of items. And, every DLC, the new stuff needs to be added. And with any mods, that stuff wouldn’t work. 

thats a good point. 

maybe 85% wight on all resources? 

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, KatBor said:

These changes honestly seem very fair to have for all of these creatures/yourself. Although I honestly would have Alpha Worms give only 200-300 because I feel like 500 is a bit OP.

Thank you for your kind words. it was kinda hard to think of some things without a Full OVERHAUL, but i manage. and some where easy to think about and some not so much

I am going to keep updating it for some animals i missed.

and yeah the deathworm is a but much, however Black pearls are rather rare on SE. so thats why i say 500

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