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Wild stats rex for breeding

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Hello survivors!

I tried to find information, but I couldn't.

For example, I want to breeding rex for hiking on bosses, what stats are needed?

What are the acceptable stats for tamed wild rex to start breeding, only tame 140+? 
For example, i tame 145lvl rex and see some melee damage and underestanding thats its cool for breeding.

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If you use a stat calculator it can help, my friend wont tame anything that doesnt have 32 levels into a specific stat already because that ups his chances of getting one that has at least 42 into the stat, he tames ones of each stat strength and breeds them together until they all converge in one baby. This is the one from the ark wiki (this is a link)  you just put the stats in after KO and it tells you the (pre-tamed) level distribution. Dododex also has one but I have not been able to find it on the website version yet.

stat calc.jpg

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Thank you guys for answers.
I understand what you are talking about.
For example, I tamed 150 rex with kibble, it will be out 224. I check the count of points in the stats by dodex, melee damage for example 50 points - is this enough for breeding or should I look for more? Maybe there is some guide that will explain how many points it is normal to start for breeding?

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