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The Center Console Debut and Community Crunch 47!


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I have a problem with taming quetz, dimos and gigas.. i shott them with the rifle from a quetz and some shoots didnt works. the dinos dont care about the shoot, dont attack, dont scream or something... and im sure the torpor didnt get higher than! I tried it with low lvl dimos.. actually i need 1 shot to get them down.. but sometimes i need 10 or more.. when the battlemusic starts and they attack me.. i can shoot them down... and so i cant tame a giga.. i used a purple riflle with 300 darts for a lvl 16 giga... the first 150 dart with 5sec wait the other 150 darts without waiting.. and after the 300 darts 100 arrows with a mastercraft crossbow... and the giga? it walk around and care of nothing :(

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things i would like to see in ARK :)

- planteater eat beeries and leafs from trees
- the little monkey climbing on trees and do monkey things in groups
- dinos drink water and have thirst.
- realistic pack behavior from wolves, raptors.. they attack in packs but i like to see them walking around in packs :) like you whistle  a few dinos on one dino and take it to wandering
more walking distance for wild dinos. the only stay on one spot, walking a few steps around
- wild baby dinos
- more care for babys from their parents. I would like to see nests from egg laying dinos (perhaps with baby dying rate.. only 1, 2 from 5 eggs can survive until they grown up).. argys feed up they little babys, bears, mammoths (...) let them drink and take them with their until they grown up. wolves show them the pack live..
- more alphas<3 argys alphas with a swarm from argies.. dimorphodon swarms.. planteater alpha with a green light aura, waterdinos with a blue one...
- alphas in the own pack <3
- natural disaster like the vulcan going aktive and break out, real storms...
- more diffrente appearance from dinos. they all like the same only variours colurs... this gives us more breedingfreedom :)
- dinos gets lasting harm from heavy fights or when they get older. like scars, frayed fur, yellow theeth.
- more realistic beerybushes. now it is like the biodiversity isnt invented now :D and they arnt any beeries to see :P
- more attacky for dinos like the carnos or bears haves :)
- other saddles :) they all lokes the same ind a hate this thing in their mouth :( somethimes its so big

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