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The Center Console Debut and Community Crunch 47!


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3 hours ago, Paterson07 said:

What is the reason the Q&A process is only just happening today? Did someone factor this into the timescale before announcing the release date for the update or has there been some other delay that has caused a chain of delays leading to this one?

Paterson, the QA process for any piece of software is long, involved, and most intensive right before release.  QA has likely been happening for quite some time, looking for problems and getting them corrected long before the public was even aware the Center map was going to be a thing... but of course it will also be one of the final things done before something like this goes live.

And if something is found to be off, even slightly, it needs to be resolved before release.

So no, the QA process didn't "only just happen today"... it only seems that way.

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On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 10:49 PM, Murphyzlaw said:

Fix the lag...  game is dead because of the lag.  No one cares about content.  We only want the incompetent coders to FIX THE LAG!

get a better connection or look for a server closer to you. There are multiple reasons why you are experiencing lag issues. For one make sure you are using a wire connection. This will allow lower ping issues. Also make sure you are not running addtional firewalls that slows your connection processes down. Plus if you know how to use port forwarding. Then give your self a hand and educate yourself on opening the ports up.

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5 hours ago, juzek19985 said:

i did ask someone from WC and they say hoping so

see that means as of right now no, but they are looking at it possibly happening in the future updates to come. Programming a coded game from scratch it a lot harder then you think my friend. Then adding pc mod updates and then turning around and trying to fix those issues makes it pretty difficult. Then adding to other gaming platform with different operating systems. Yep they have there hands full already. We are lucky to even have a glimpse of this game before the full release. And for all of the pc gamers are adding their content as well. If it wasn't for this early access program and the dev kit. The Center would not exist. So be thank full we are looking at this game before it is even released.

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