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On 4/6/2021 at 9:48 AM, shineof69 said:

I have searched on google/here etc.. But no luck. I have tryed some trick but none works like the phoenix trick as the bee cant land. But nothing works. So question is. Can u clone them?. If u can show how ty.

I think this might have been done on purpose to avoid over populace of beehives. More or less, if you want one, you will have to do it the hard way

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Just get a quetz and a bear. Build a ramp and a platform for the bear to stand on and air lift it around the hives in redwoods. You can get 15 honey per wild hive every 5 minutes with a bear which is way better then the 1 honey per 45 mins you get with a tamed bee. I put 8 preserving bins on the back and had them all filled in 20 minutes. Enough cakes for alpha dragon in one run.

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If you have to use a quetz to get honey, you're working way too hard.  I've never been able to wrap my head around people who go out hunting for wild honey. (unless you're PVP, then I'm not going to claim to know how that works) Taming a bee isn't hard. 

Get a big dinosaur, Rex, Rock Drake, Reaper (Gigas are a bit tall for it).   Bite the hive until it turns dark.  When it turns dark, there's one more hit until it breaks.   Make sure your Dino is on passive, wear ghillie, and use bug repellant.   Carry a sword.    When the hive breaks, the queen pops out.   Give her a simple kibble or a rare flower probably works since they doubled the rates, and voila, you have a hive.

If you get bit, crouch and swing your sword overhead until the drones are dead and the bee icon goes away, then go back after the queen.

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