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This post is written here because it cannot fit on ANY of those forum's areas:

1.- Bugs/Reports: Its NOT a bug nor a report it is a QUESTION
2.- Closed Beta: Im not a dev im not making any BETA
3.- Anouncements: Its not an anouncement and im not comunity manager
4.- Server Advertisements: im not staff i cannot advertise sht 

THIS post should fit on an area "QUESTIONS" but there isnt so HOW DO I PAY MY PRIMAL PASS? 

I deleted my bank account cause of fraud, ive been told that on oxxo/7eleven stores people buy  playstore cards to recharge primal pass but i dont know if its possible to do on iOS buying an AppStore card. Has anyone done that? People keep hacking primal pass but that is because wildcard doesnt let many options for primal pass to be paid. I need to pay it really

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