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Most annoying creature of these 8

Most annoying creature  

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  1. 1. Most annoying creature from these 8?

    • Gallimimus
    • Thylacoleo
    • Microraptor
    • Ichthyosaurs
    • Megapiranha
    • Vulture
    • Meganeura
    • Titanomyrma

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19 hours ago, AirplaneSlider said:

Microraptor. Also, is the ichytosaurus supposed to be ichtyornis? If so, then my first choice is ichtyornis.

No, ichthyosaurs is what I meant, however ichthyornis are annoying too, if I’d put every animal on the list then it would have been like 40 options lol 😂 I could have put so many others 

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Gotta be Titanomyrma. The others either don't bother me so much or I hate with a passion that goes beyond annoyance *cough*Thylacoleo*cough*. Titanomyrma drains the stamina of my flying mounts and are so small that they're hard to hit. They're also a nightmare to deal with as a beach bob, and have pinned me in place when I was being chased by a swarm of angry bees. They're easy enough to kill after some levels or with a mount, problem is I never think it's worth the hassle until it's too late.

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