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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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Was wondering through our yard on aberration on a rock drake, fell through the ground, killed instantly, lost full tek armor, 200 shotgun ammo, ascendant shotgun(maybe mastercraft), and the rock drake. Coordinates have been provided in the anti-meshing destruction message in our tribe log and in the ticket I've submitted, telling me to come here and make a comment for some reason... just need my rock drake and gear replaced please...

Video shows my actions leading up to the destruction, all stats, gear, etc. All I did was log in, tribe antic ensued, and I started off on a trip, didn't make it out of the yard...




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программа защиты снова уничтожила моего Дино, который двигался по зиплайну - я играю честно, но теряю животных по причинам, которые я не понимаю . если вы не можете исправить это, то по крайней мере верните мне животных, которых я потерял . почему программа так агрессивна по отношению к честным игрокам?


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On 1/23/2020 at 7:47 PM, Cedric said:

Anti-Mesh System False Positives

What is a false positive?

A false positive is an instance where you receive a positive result for a test, when you should have received a negative results.  In the case of the anti-mesh system, this may flag you as being in the mesh when you are not actually in the mesh.  


I've created a thread to keep track of the areas in which we are seeing false positive, such as the Ice Cave.  Please let me know which areas you are seeing.  Also note, this is not a discussion about meshing but pointed feedback about areas you are having problems in!

Your feedback is appreciated as it will allow us to fine-tune the system.


To help with identifying these locations please use the 'ccc' console command which will copy your coordinates to the clipboard if possible.






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Hi! On Sunday Feb. 2nd, my tribemate tried to pick me up (I was sitting on a dodic) with his quetz. As he picked me up, I got caught in the mesh and my dodic, was Insta-killed, as was I. I lost my dodic, I also lost my armor know big deal there), but I also lost a lvl 2 purple Equus chibi (very sad about that).

Have a screenshot of the mesh kill, not sure how to load it here. :(

Server Island 470 PvE

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This is from my tribe log to help out a tribemate. It is from Monday February 3rd. 

My ribemate was killed by a false positive anti-mesh system action when we logged out for last  night's update. He spawned in, to death in our base in Redwoods in Valguero NA PvE 564. 

Since it was PvE,  the obvious necessity for an anti-mesh system that I'm missing here is?   Are the dinos from the pods that were on him going to be replaced?   Thank you


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1. (PvE) Ragnarok, life's labyrinth. Jumping over the wall in order to press the "R" (in Gráta). Died and lost all gear.

2. (PvE) Island. 2 wyvern standing at green ob (offline damage prevented). Trying to line up Rexs for a bossfight, wyvern glitched Rex in to floor. Rider got killed, lost all gear.

I can understand the anti meshing on PvP, but does it happen on PvE too? If not, why these measurements on PvE?

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1051288354_20200204194423_1-Copy.thumb.jpg.2e232cc21db8fc56fa47bba529d1561a.jpg1940858981_20200204194228_1-Copy.thumb.jpg.dc2074aac8529049231d103c2dc5032b.jpg                                                                     @Cedric False Positive. Iv lost my lv 85 character in Hard Core mode please help. I did not mesh. To prevent falling through the floor in my base I logged off on a crop plot.When I logged back in my view was from the same position from where I logged off,only near things I built well above any in game structures or ground. at that time it was showing the tribe log and asking me to download a new character at witch point I backed out of the game. When I re logged I had to download a  backup character and seen anti meshing message. I was on the crop plot oictured above 5 walls lenght from  in game ground. Can I get my character and items back. Please HELP.   Server is , EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-Hardcore2 . base location 27 lat 29 lon on top of the ruins in the lake below the waterfall just under the snow area with the penguins. I was playing with one other guy and had a back up character.He has since quit so as a solo player in hardcore mode this is devastating. please respond is there anything that can be done to get my character back? Iv read other people saying they have submitted a ticket,I do not know how to do this?


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@Cedrichi this is Nicola from Italy,
Yesterday i died in swamp cave during an adventure, anti-mashing system kicked in and destroyed my bag immediately. I can attach log, coordinates and map location:
I lost all my "precoius stuff" down there+ a 200++ Argentavis that was a preciuos and loved ally of the tribe.
I alreday opened a ticket request with full details:

REQUEST #1415558 

Which map are you playing on?
The Island

Which server are you experiencing the issue on? List all the servers if there is more than ONE.

What is the coordinates of the location of where this occurred?

I hope this feedback is helping you too guys. have a nice work!
I apprecite much playing ark with my tribe... can you help ?

If you ask or need it to be i can have an empty loadout on character on a specific time/date so maybe you can just revert back my inventory before yesterday glitch happened.
TY for your cooperation.


Glitch location.jpg


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I love what you guys are doing for the game, especially the PvP aspects now. Thank you! The build able wall in the desert Titan cave. Has false positives outside the mesh. My tribe mates have lost tek structures, chest pieces and imprinted manas to the insta death barrier. 

-side note: Due to the slot cap dupe method we are building in water caves and weird places like the Titan terminal to avoid being cluster bombed like Hiroshima V2 

The dupe mek rushes have stopped thanks to the new update thank heavens. Keep it up plz. 

-From an anonymous day 1 official PvP player 



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I have nameless spawning in and around my base, outside the caves since a few days now. My dinos killed them and I started to bring the dinos back to their place. One of my drakes popped a bit under the ground so started jumping to get back and almost panicked to get killed by the anti mess system. I realised I had valuable items and gear with me so decided to offer the drake and jump off. Before I could jump i was kicked off and killed by the system. It's good the system is here honestly but I already lost 4 dinos and good stuff to it and 0 because of meshing people. 

The second screeny is from the entrance of the element vault last weekend.

Last screeny I have no clue what ceiling was removed. Can't find any gaps in my base so far.

Server is Aberration.




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I'm gutted. I don't expect support as I am a legacy player - we accept that no support will be provided as part of the bargain for continuing to play on this cluster. I don't however expect to lose valuable tames just because Wildcard implements a new feature that destroys dinosaurs that randomly sink into the ground of their own accord. That's right...dinos sink into the ground all the time. How many times do you see it in your base? I can only assume that is what happened because I was offline in my safe quiet part of the island. 

I lost my island server last week. Again. No problem...transferred everything over to Legacy Island PvE 82. Creature of habit - I chose the same spot I have had for 4 years.  

My 255 Megatherium held a bunch of personal stuff, vaults, and dermis's from old friends and tames on previous servers. These were invaluable - more so than the tame. Gone. Somehow it managed to disappear due to anti-meshing. In a sandy beach area where nothing spawns in. Island - South East Shore. Just south of the lava cave. Here are your coordinates for the false positive:

X - 298479.375, Y-183665.766, Z - 14039.4961

And the kicker - my purple 100 % imprinted giga with the ascendant 120 saddle just went poof. Same general area. 

X -297990.281, Y-183285.563, Z-13832.8841

You implemented a capricious automatic system that punishes players that do nothing wrong in order to perhaps one day possibly stop players that actively do something wrong. Fix your game. Stop punishing your player base. I was a beta tester once. I'm on legacy now - no support, and that's just fine. But don't make me beta test your new features and expect me to be fine with it. Fix your game. I don't want anything back - just fix your game and this new feature.




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