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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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Hi Cedric,

I want to report a false positive that happened for me today, that lead to my rock drake "Mirage" being destroyed by the anti-meshing system.

Coordinates: 28.5 48.2 (roughly)

I was fighting an alpha crab, when my drake suddenly disappeard. The tribe log says that it was destroyed by the anit-meshing system.

I have attached a screen shot of the tribe log.

While I play PVE and think meshing is less of an issue here, I am happy the Wildcard team has made an attempt to stop meshing. However losing my fav drake really sucks. Hopefully you all can help get it back.



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It would seem a new reminder is in order.

Posts without coordinates or very detailed descriptions of where a false positive occurred will be removed.

There are other threads for the discussion of this mechanic.

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The extremely messed up part.  This happened to my tribemate.  She was running along up in green zone.  Got deleted due to the antimesh system.  She tried to submit a ticket and the devs said that they would not replace the dinos








And from what I get from this.  They are basically saying that they are not replacing the dino cause there is no way to verify that she was not purposfully meshing...... On a PVE server.......  At this random spot in green zone.

I thought this was America.
Where you are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

Oh this all happened on NA-PVE-Official-Aberation381

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Server: EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter197
Coords: 34.0, 15.8, the ice ruins next to Artifact of the Cunning

Anti Meshing has destroyed an important part of my base, I had placed ceilings here shown in the red circle to prevent anyone or anything from falling and getting stuck. The ceilings acted as a floor but thankfully a third of the ceilings are still remain untouched... I'm afraid to continue building anything of importance here if anti meshing is going to destroy anything that is even a centimeter clipped into the terrain (shown in the third photo).

I feel that a lot of us PvE players are suffering because of changes aimed mostly at PvP. The anti meshing system as it currently is will be limiting a lot of players creative building potential. Maybe for PvE servers, anti meshing should only come into place in extreme cases..such as structures or people very deep into the mesh, so that one doesn't insta die to a Reaper King push for example..
I hope that this gets fixed and appreciate the hard work.

antimesh 1.jpg

antimesh 2.jpg

anti meshing 4.jpg

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what in the world is item cache? location points to somewhere on the beach in redwood bordering the swamp. probably a result of resources respawning.


also anti-mesh deleted 3 of those reinforced gates but only 1 is reported. seems like this a report for an area of activity instead of individual stuff that got deleted



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The river on ab.... Lost two drakes have video of one. All my Tribemate did was try to jump so the paracer didn't push him into the mesh like they do and queen's do. Wont let me upload a pic so coords are below. 


X -50935.520 Y -151994.875 Z 36751.508

X -71791.430 Y -143670.828 Z 36636.629

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On valguero EU crossplay Ark server 1168 there is a tree that spawned into my base. when it spawned the antimesh detected my base and deleted and entire section of it where the tree was. i killed the tree spawn but if it spawns again im worried ill lose more than just structures. i have screenshots but it is saying its too large to upload.


ARK_ Survival Evolved 2_1_2020 9_36_27 AM (2).png

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