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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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I am a player in NA-PVE-Official-Lost Island 1040. And I travel to another map (EU-PVE-CrystalIsles 872), there is a bug to make me died immediately in the red obelisk. Before that, I have too many dinos in my cryopods and the equipments. When I come back the same place within 30 minutes, I can't see my dead body for getting back my owns. Please help me to get back my dinos. My username is The Rock in the game. It is PC Epic game platform.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi. After joining the game today, I had a respawn error and I lost all was my character had (Weapons, clothes, etc) I got this message and It is impossible for me to find the dead body:

Day 1955, 10:28:41: Teleport anti-meshing destroyed 'Not Me - Lvl 76' at X=320217.281 Y=352862.125 Z=1.577 (LandscapeHeightFieldCollisionComponent /Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Ragnarok_Landscape_V2.Ragnarok_Landscape_V2ersistentLevel.MainLandscape.LandscapeHeightFieldCollisi

Day 1955, 10:28:41: Tribemember Not Me - Lvl 76 was killed!

So this game is hard but with this kind of help it will be harder. (hahahahahahaha).


Any way to recover my weapons, armor, etc?????


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Above the easy cave on TheIsland Map hump on the ground where a rock spawns in.  I lost a purple event bront on this spot.  You know, the events you are getting rid of so I would never be able to get this color bront again EVER.  You know, the events that meant so much to us but for some reason you think it's okay to tear our hearts out.  Yeah, that PURPLE BRONT was standing in this spot.

Here are the chests I lost.  But they don't compare with a PURPLE BRONT THAT I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET AGAIN BECAUSE YOU ARE ENDING COLOR DINO EVENTS.  That loss hurt because you like to hurt us huh?  Goes beyond game play dynamics when you ended all events.  That was just stab stab cruel.  


stab stab stab mean bully stab stab

this is where my bront was standing

purple colored bront





he was purple

he's gone now




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Spent 20 minutes trying to tame what I thought was one bee, turns out there were 7 in this hive, I 'tamed' 6 to have this happen and accidentally killed 1. This is the first hive I've seen on my server NA Valguero 552 in days and I didn't get to keep even one of them. Wasted resources to tame a queen and ended up with  6 Giant Bees that vanished cause they didn't have a queen and were no longer queens themselves.

I'm sure the other hive on my server has the same issue, however, due to the risk of not finding another hive anytime soon I'm not sure if I want to try destroying the hive to even try for a bee.

Has anyone else had an issue like this?



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My IG name is:  SeriousBizness and I play on EU-PVE-Official-LostIsland1127

I was flying with my ptera and a sabertooth attacked me while resting for stamina in the mountain, it killed my ptera , i killed it, and then while trying to climb the mountain it felt like my body glitched while trying to climb and without a sound queue or anything , it just showed me the map to let me spawn somewhere like when you usually die.

While trying to go back to where I died , i had no death beacon. How can i restore my items? And most importantly IF cause bugs like this happen too often and if there's no fix , what's the point of grinding if you're just gonna lost it for no reason ?


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