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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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on The center PvE official server (PS4)

cheat SetPlayerPos 210149.516 493981.125 4540.644

cheat SetPlayerPos 160962.031 8085.970 14685.484


on ragnalok PvE official server (PS4)

cheat SetPlayerPos 272057.375 287727.563 122254.163 

cheat SetPlayerPos 270015.344 278597.313 12341.190

cheat SetPlayerPos 445975.531 232910.688 14333.069

cheat SetPlayerPos 440753.563 236465.750 13792.188


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Keep dying in my base on top of a tower in the extinction city. I die on the first floor, second floor, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing within 10 floors/ walls area that can even be considered something in the environment that I can mesh with. Submitted a ticket and they told me to post here. 


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Harvestable Rocks deleting ladders. But not deleting the pillars they were attatched to.

Bug: The pillars need to be deleted too, if the ladders werent ok.

There are some pillars and ladders my tribe have placed to protect our territory, it seems to be the same kind of rock as well.

Two different places:
-13809.345 282942.094 -11454.197
-8066.542 274753.438 -9843.136


I dont know if this is a new change not allowing ladders to be placed where a rock spawns, or if this deletion was intentional. The pillars were not removed by the game, until the 12 hours was up after the ladders got deleted.

Just thought to let you know this is happening.

I have since placed ladders+ pillars next to them. This is a surprise for me.

Still editing my post...
Ok I think I am done editing. I am not sure where my post went wrong but I dont want to do bad, I hope the focus of my post is a bit more clear now? If not, please elaborate why you arent ok with this, or edit my post to be more acceptable. I do not know what part of my post you arent liking, I am quite confused. Social in general confuses me, 40 years and I dont know why people suddenly get mad at me when I want to help and do no wrongs, ever. *shrug* I want to do right. Help me by telling me  'exactly' what you arent liking, and use lots of words to help make it clear to me. Or edit this post. Ok yes done now.
I like to help. I am trying to help here.

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PvE xbox1 official Rag 551 

I live in the triple waterfall cave on Ragnarok 551, this anti mesh system is starting to scare the hell outa me considering I live in a cave , four of my ceilings were destroyed and honestly don't even see where they were or how they can be considered meshed, nothing special or important has been lost yet but I can see many many! other's have.. posting to help fix the false positives and please don't do anything more until you fix this stuff I will definitely give up the game if I start losing Dino's because of this, such a shame too considering dlc is next month.


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Xbox Pve Valguero.  These are all ladders that were just outside my base  stopping anyone building near me.  either rocks or trees touched them and removed them along with the dino gate.  I did take xbox screenshots but apparently they are too high quality for the restrictions here smh so i have had to it as a video.  link below.





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Aberration Server 901. 

Riding  a rock drake up a hill - walking fast -  I bumped into a roll rat that just emerged from the ground. My drake  tilted sideways then I saw the underside of the ground. Game froze.. then I was presented with the spawn screen. The featherlight from my shoulder is nowhere to be found, but does not show killed in the log.

Log reports:

Day 17838, 22:44:38: Anti-meshing destroyed 'Schrekengost [E 175] - Lvl 228' at X=-177084.688 Y=-210699.375 Z=-49013.973

Day 17838, 22:44:52: Anti-meshing destroyed 'Eagle - Lvl 112' at X=176865.500 Y=-211034.719 Z=48687.1841


This could be a serious game changer. Afraid to carry anything important, now. (Lost ASC Hazmat gear, but could have been something more.)

Insta kills when picking up something with a flyer?, when tilting quickly towards the ground (my case). What else? I feel bad for the guys carrying anything important in cryopods.

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items placed on the map that unintentionally get covered by a spawning rock at location 50 .8  47 .5   pve island 308 i had a signboard  which was destroyed by antimeshing and a few ladders though im not sure where those were  is a rock  considered under the map rather than on it?? if so what does this mean for new builds?  

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My husband get Instant killed while walking in our base on extincion. He lost his tek suit with over 400 Amor, his reaper chibi nearly lvl 6 and asc max dmg stuff. 

... i dont know if i should Login or not because i dont wanna loose my stuff too... 

Ps4 Server... btw


Cant upload pictures so here is a video for u guys

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I got anti-meshing destroyed on server 997 extinction near alpha titan area. Cords are x=-42314.715 y=-395064.938 z=6749.758.  I submitted a ticket and was sent here. i hope you guys replace what i lost. I was on my wyvern when this happend. I lost my stuff that i had on me. On your thread it doesn't mention if you are going to replace what the player lost. Can you please update and clarify.

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