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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives

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hi i am sparkles i play on legacy-the-pve-officialsever86 my tribe is the shinsengumi i am located at 63 73 near green  orb i have been reporting anti mesh of server since before valentine event i lost all dino 7 years of playing worth about 460 were out and lost about 6 cryo full lot of dino well fixed base up as i thought nothing was happening brought back dino from my other dlc about 300 and borrowed some to clone  i was cloning then i logged off for 10 mins come back and it was all gone AGAIN omg i could not believe it back to broken base and valentine dino on map and this time all my cupboard with saddles element and bps all gone 7 years of  playing game gone i need this fixed please if you cannot go back to before valentine at least go back to where i had brought all other dino back i have very little left i check every day but nothing changed i have fixed base but scared something will happen this is the only server i can play with least lag have played on it for years i just use dlc to store as lag so bad  thank you sparkles

hi can u please fix or not?6C1C1C88422BC435D21B88A668BF035E313FB942 (1600×900)

73AA2E9359FCD3AF5991151A9CEFC57EDAD2BFED (1600×900)568630B39E9C6B1875436D4443A7A6214FADFD0F (1600×900)0864C05B33DA6AEF3F63B14B54E1C41FA845DBD8 (1600×900)

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Left Ice cave in EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok709, when I was going down the waterfall I hit a rock at the right, then my respawn map appeared along the command window when you press TAB (to write gamma etc) I couldn't close the window so I had to relog, then I couldn't connect to the server cause it said I was already connected.
10 mins later I managed to log back in and fly back with a pteranodon but there was no corpse.
I lost 2 giganotos, 1 daeodon 1 megatherium, along the ice queen loot, my gear, and all the good saddles on my mounts.


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Again sorry for reposting, I was playing on eu official server the island 36, I was being carried by my friends karkinos when I dropped through the map and destroyed by anti meshing, I lost a giga, a mek, baby rexs, baby deinonychuss, tek helmet amongst other items and am absolutely devastated due to all the hours I put in to this game. 


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Lost all of my possessions today in the ice cave due to anti meshing.

 Complete Ascendant flak armour with glider suit attachment. Ascendant pump shotgun. Does Anybody think I have chance of getting these back?

Map- the island 31 eu pve 

I have a picture of tribe log, just wont upload for me atm.




The first time




The second time.

Would love my stuff back as it took a unreal amount of materials and time to craft.


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hi have been trying to get this fixed for so long legacy-the-oc-officialserver86  the whole server was anti meshed all players died and 80% lost their base access.  all dino are gone and a lot of cupboards unlocked and empty.  i waited a while then figured i might as well fix my base and brought over 5 cryopods of dino and blue prints from my other servers then the server reset and i had broken base again and valentine dino outside so843837492_Screenshot(49).png.b3758624051f589920ae354f533f5c1c.png lost all again omg now i have nothing left i kept other server for storage as to laggy to play on 86 is the best server no lag for me never had any probems please fix unreplacable dino 7 years of love and care gone the shinsengumi  location 63-73 near green orb.  other survivor have joined my tribe waiting for server to fix568630B39E9C6B1875436D4443A7A6214FADFD0F (1600×900)0864C05B33DA6AEF3F63B14B54E1C41FA845DBD8 (1600×900)6C1C1C88422BC435D21B88A668BF035E313FB942 (1600×900)

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My 275 doedicurus with the master craft saddle


My event tame beaver with a journeyman saddle...

I know the soft rethoric where you cant replace items and colours and sexes and blah blah. That's some lazy sounding $h*t. Either way, we out here hustling on your broken game. And you just kill our stuff because it glitches in a wall or floor? Then you have this low ass attachment file size where we have to adjust hella settings to get a photo small enough to work. This is extra discouraging.


The Center 456





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On aberration - I was walking with my spinosaurus and suddenly when I rotated near a rock my dino sank, I dismounted and when I wanted to mount again the screen vibrated and I reappeared without my items and my rockdrake egg 140.

3 days before on Aberration I had my high-level Ankylo holded with my Karkino. Jumping off a rock my Ankylo got into a rock and disappeared.


Please do something.

antimesh 1.png

antimesh 2.png

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Anti-Mesh System False Positives

TheIsland46 - NW Snow Cave

After entering the NW snow cave (Skylord) I was fighting a hoard of Onyc’s, I was backing out of the cave towards the entrance and got killed. After spawning at my bed on my skiff just outside the cave I went to try and grab my bag and it wasn’t there. I searched all over and even used the orbit cam to try and see what I could find and there was nothing!

I then checked the tribe log and saw that my bag was destroyed due to Anti-meshing.

I lost a full tek suit (cost over 2k ele) and a whole lot of gear plus a cotton candy basilisk (luckily original clone is in my cryo fridge at base)


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i went to ice cave boss run and I finished it when i wanted to exit the cave through the waterfall allmost near the edge of the waterfall my character just did and i didn’t find my body there i went to tribe log and i found that Anti-meshing destroyed my character and i lost all my stuff

please your support is highly appreciated we asking your assist to clear that bug and restore my lost dinos,blueprints and the rest of the stuff 


Thank you 



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I was exploring the North West Cave on The Island, as you can see in the clip I was killed by Onycs while carrying a Megatherium and an Ember Crystal Wyvern in cryo pods. When I returned I could not find my Item Cache anywhere, I checked the tribe log to see that the bag containing all of my items including the cryo pods containing the Megatherium and the Ember Crystal Wyvern were destroyed. I don't think it is fair that I was killed, and lost my items unfairly due to where I was killed when I was not meshing.

Server: EU-OfflineRaidProtection-TheIsland-CrossArk10 - (v562.4)

Clip of incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsgIIU3L7AM


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was going out of ice cave on ragnarok and when i was on the waterfall antimesh killed me
Ive reported false positives before on this same post and got no answer, hopefully i get an answer now.
Lost my giga and bloodstalker
@Cedric just looking at a few posts above mine, ppl had the same issue 2 weeks earlier, been looking on all the pages and theres no staff replies anywhere. Ticket system feels like a bot answers. Everytime the same answers and not a single solution...


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mesh.PNG.6120aa17b4a35eeab011bc41b3b51106.PNG  I've tried to move our Rhinos to another floor in the Dragon cave and they fell onto the Dragon statue when i tried to cryo them on the statue i instandly got anti mesh killed with a inv full of cryopods.. as soon as you come near to the dragon statue you instandly get anti mesh killed or even around it 

 Server: Crossark5, Map: Crsytal Isles

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