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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives

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Hi me and my tribemates were playing on scorched earth 457 when we took our argie and ankie out. He landed for stam and when he picked me up i teleported out of the ground and the ankie disappeared. I checked the log and it says it was anti mesh destroyed. The ankie was named scrap and was level 159. I tried uploading the screenshot of the log but it's saying the file was skipped due to size 🥴

X: 9561.285 Y: 9562.954 Z: 13054.5061

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0?ui=2&ik=f6634d5ce8&attid=0.1.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1691200161939664355&th=17785996407f2de3&view=fimg&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ90o3E7xG5tWONxaKxvV4uxOW7mVSGcBnhlnIrHroJIGgsYPRRwkssGE7h8D-bOc160PoRl5ejzhOJ7AQOpZmAiV7Mr0xBTcTO-DsW7XEJRx8agoE9s68uWB3Y&disp=embI went to go get a glow tail on crystal isle 1344 and there was a base here so i snuck around to get inside. Little did I know that I would get killed instantly and lose the megalosaurus that I spent 8 HOURS TAMING. My goal was to get a rock drake by the end of the week since I don't get to play very much. Now I get to repeat all my progress the next day I can play. This isn't the first time something like this has happened either. It's raptoring annoying at this point. If you guys are so worried about meshing maybe ban the people instead of creating script that doesn't work. It's honestly kinda surprising that people play this game (myself included), I guess we all just want to waste time becuase of bullpoop.

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Hi to all. In Valguero map after the updates my 2nd mana antimeshed again.Can you please fix these.This is PVE but we are struggling with game errors. There is something wrong with this are of the map.When I use Teleport generally my argens spawn very far away from Teleports.My managarmr is killed again and in log it is written Anti-meshing destroyed my mana Lvl 424 at X:162453.813 Y:174466.250 Z:38683.8711. Again i found my self in the water despite there is no water near that coords. Can you plz fix that because I am really tired of playing with that fear. Thanks .

anti mesh2.png

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EU Server 429 Ragnarok

I had just finished fighting the Ice Worm Queen and collecting the red drops with my tribe mate and were leaving the cave,we hit the lag point exiting the cave at the waterfall by the rope bridge and was instantly mesh destroyed,me and my tribe mate. I had a cryoed wyvern and a cryoed thylacoleo, I also lost all my flak,shotgun,crossbow,my literal whole kit for running the boss and all the blueprints and loot from the cave. I would usually just take the loss but I run this boss for resources(horns) and drops,alot. Please look into this issue and get back to me at your earliest convenience.Much Appreciated


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Adding ss of tribe log,couldn't add before because of file size
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i have been trying to get to report that the whole anti meshing  of legacy-the-pve-oc-official server86 all survivors were killed and all dino gone my base over 600 including cryo fridges that were destroyed many years of collecting and a lot of dino from the beginning of ark my base looks like we were raided. i hope you to take a look at what happened we have all put in complaints thank you sparklesA8E9FD03A15F39D3CF32D18B605207798342E596 (1600×900)

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legacy-the pve-oc-official server86 i am tired of trying to get this fixed the whole server was hit by anti mesh all survivors were killed all dino are gone . i have been playing for 6 years never seen anything like this i lost over 580  dino which includes cryo fridges that were destroyed i am over hearing it is leagacy no help will be given,  been reporting since last update that broke it  we are like family on this server i thought a wind back would be done as we were preparing for event and all good dino were out ready to mate 450 of them all gone special dino gone also that was just my base others lost much more they cannot even access there bases thank you

hi i have been reporting on this server since last update  the whole server survivors were killed by anti meshing all dino are gone from all bases and have lost ownership to most bases my tribe is the shinsenguni my name is sparkles my base is at 63.4- 72.6 i also have fish base at 15.9 -74.8  and numerousr other small bases we have all been on this server for many years and this is the worst thing that has ever happened we all hope that this problem can be rectified  by rollback for the whole serve to loose everything is unacceptable through no foault of our own also there is a glitch at the river from green orb to ocean if player goes there dono and player are deleted i have not gone there yet ast my friend mami was deleted and could not return to her base at all. it is almost like my base was raided holes in bottom floor and generator was blown away along with 10 cryopods full of my baby dino and special dino please let me know what is going on this server is the best i could find as i am playing from australia not much lag i can still use the top floor of my main base but my friends 6 main bases lost ownership and everything they had hope to hear from you about this problem




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I hope you have the problem resolved, however, wildcard do not support legacy servers.

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who fixes these problems then i was sent here by studio wildcard  please let me know i am so lost and upset thank you 


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  Nice to meet you! I'm new to this thread, is it still running?

Earlier, I captured the permafrost cave in Ragnarok, but died at the exit due to anti-mesh.

My friend and I lost quite a few items and dinosaurs.

I heard that if you chat here, items etc. will be returned, so I tried it!

I'm waiting, so please take action!



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hi i am sparkles i play on legacy-the-pve-officialsever86 my tribe is the shinsengumi i am located at 63 73 near green  orb i have been reporting anti mesh of server since before valentine event i lost all dino 7 years of playing worth about 460 were out and lost about 6 cryo full lot of dino well fixed base up as i thought nothing was happening brought back dino from my other dlc about 300 and borrowed some to clone  i was cloning then i logged off for 10 mins come back and it was all gone AGAIN omg i could not believe it back to broken base and valentine dino on map and this time all my cupboard with saddles element and bps all gone 7 years of  playing game gone i need this fixed please if you cannot go back to before valentine at least go back to where i had brought all other dino back i have very little left i check every day but nothing changed i have fixed base but scared something will happen this is the only server i can play with least lag have played on it for years i just use dlc to store as lag so bad  thank you sparkles

hi can u please fix or not?6C1C1C88422BC435D21B88A668BF035E313FB942 (1600×900)

73AA2E9359FCD3AF5991151A9CEFC57EDAD2BFED (1600×900)568630B39E9C6B1875436D4443A7A6214FADFD0F (1600×900)0864C05B33DA6AEF3F63B14B54E1C41FA845DBD8 (1600×900)

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