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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives

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Yesterday, at about 23:30 GMT +2, i was playing with my friend on Ragnarock 169 official pvp server. We defeated the Ice Quenn Boss, loot all the loot crates and then we start to go to exit cave. At the exit, near the start of waterfalls, our games crashed and at the respawn we had to respawn beacause we were killed. In tribe LOG we can saw "ANTI-MESHING DESTROY". We lost all our loot, blueprits, 24 deathworm hors ecc...but more then all, we lost our tames. Personally i lost 1 breeded managarm 1200%dmg, 1 breeded snow owl, 1 breeded velonasaur 3200% dmg and 1 mantis lvl 150 wild. I'm here for asking good tame compesation. I will provide some screenshots. As you can see, we was destroyed by antimeshing, and the point is, that you can see my snow owln walking on invisible collision mesh (i founded this problem after i died, trying to get back our loot). We were walking on foot after defeating the boos, we died just at the end of cave/waterfalls, before fall down in the water.




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Please help I log in today and all our tames inside the cave disappeared also the rock I removed came back . I don’t understand why that happened and it’s very frustrating.. we had 3 argentavis , 2 pteradon 3 beelzebufo .. 4 Microraptor , 2 dimphodon. And daedon. About 8 turets ..That’s all gone .. our tribe name is xxx . Server NA-offlineraidprotection crystalisles- crossark6



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After the patches on 10/8/2020 that included anti-meshing and Crystal Isles hole and foliage fix; rocks and trees have spawned inside of my base and have destroyed multiple Cryofridges full of tames (9 to be exact).

What platform: PC (Steam & EGS)
What server did this occur: NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles850anti-mesh1.thumb.png.d39c6df6d27341030ada4bb352eb8b97.pnganti-mesh2.jpg.77b376d88d65d1b53bad19b06f608c7d.jpg

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When you put architecture into shape, what you pass through disappears and you don't understand English, so I can't explain it in detail, but don't use stairs.

Returning Dinosaurs Now

abe official 729


When I grabbed DoedieCrus with karkinos again, it disappeared in front of me. 
I want it back.

Before that, I lost some pods without the body touching them. I couldn't report it because I didn't know how to contact you at the time, but there were too many bugs.
The bug in the ablation is terrible.

2020年10月8日 22:37、Survive the ARK

offcial 729


Anti-meshing destroyed 'Havest 201 - Lvl 249' at X=-123022.227 Y=-221579.234 Z=45718.801

Anti-meshing destroyed 'Grotear - Lvl 86' at X=-122658.391 Y=-22'152.z.3.7.5 Z=45270.055!

The dinosaur and survivor's corpse disappeared in a bug.
Please return it.



Make the rest of the report easy in the game.
Don't make me take the trouble out of this.

Be able to report in-game

Transfer everything to bed when it's gone.

Rat 50 Ron 50 Suzunigisu
If you can't improve it, make 50-50 a safe zone.

Don't you know if I don't bother to tell you?

Managarmr is convenient, but the servers are not keeping up

Don't add new things when the server is not keeping up.

And since not everyone is doing SNS, show the news in the game!

A healthy beginner is suddenly reset and looks sad.

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Rafts were destroyed due to anti meshing. Lots of items but just want the more important stuff if possible.


I cant add pictures from my phone. Can anyone tell me how to add? The file is too big


Edited: hope this works.


Crystal isles. Xbox.

If anyone can contact me about getting some items back, it would be amazing. The tames I'm not too worried about but had some items within the raft that were hard to get as a small tribe.



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1 hour ago, Dutchpaganism said:

I cant add pictures from my phone. Can anyone tell me how to add? The file is too big

Upload them on image hosting services such as https://imgur.com and edit the links into your previous post and they will be automatically embedded. :)

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Server 1103 ps4 official - Valguero

I was emailed by a GM to post in this forum about my issue

was hunting fire wyvern eggs, landed on a nest and stole the egg, killed some of the wyverns that came after me. Was thrown off my wyvern and it disappeared due to anti meshing. Was then killed by a wyvern, went back to see if the wyvern or my bag was there and neither was.


please can you review this and resolve this issue as I am displeased my wyvern just magically disappeared.


Many thanks





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While swimming and trying to place a pillar I suddenly died, no warning. Looked at tribe log and saw the 'anti meshing" death. Second day same location a few feet over. trying to place a ceiling  same thing, insta death. The map is NA-PVE-Official_Extinction506 - (v314.13).  I already submitted a ticket/request with customer service ticket number (1746849) and had an ongoing conversation with GM Aytho. The first death I lost a full tek suit 7 dinos including a fully imprinted giga, mantis, ember wyvern owl etc. max stat gear including a pick axe, axe, sword, long next rifle, crossbow...in essence hours of real life time invested. The second time I lost a couple tames, and tek armor. 

  I would like some of my tames and my gear replaced.  It is infuriating raising a giga for 11 days, going to different servers trying to find death wurms to tame a mantis etc.  to have them disappear on your corpse due to bad coding?  

  Please fix the location so this does not happen to another survivor, and please replace some if not all of my missing items/tames. 

  Thank you ; my character name is Sawisa I also play on Crystal Isles 835 and I would gladly show you the exact location on extinction where it happens. 


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