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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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I play on the server 284 Abberation, ive already made a report about this, but i am still unsatisfied about the situation. GM Aytho suggested submitting a report on this forum aswell. My friends and i play on an abberation and have parts of our base at the blue and green entrance. Due to the update that happend we lost big parts of it due to the antimesh detection systems. We made tickets when we found out what happend, because this is not the first time the antimesh is destroying our base (happend 21 days ago aswell due to update). After we made our tickets most of ours got set to solved with the same generic response. Now 18 hours later after the tickets were made there is still no solution for the problem the update brought. I am wondering if there is anything going to be done about this in terms of a solution like a rollback or something?

ark antimesh.JPG

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I got a False positive on the Centers green obby when I was waiting timer, and hid in under that metal ramp up, because you can crawl under it, I thought it was a great spot.  I had a level 230 Stalker on my hot bar so I could trans off the server, and have a dino with me to go scout ex, tame a velo.Capture.thumb.PNG.240c4c78ef4a6b9b895b3f805adc0072.PNG I know its just a blood stalker, but when you don't have gene nor does your tribe mate, its harder to get the money to do so, and tame one.  I had a good shotgun on me, but I can get a better one I just don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did.  I'm not mad, and I understand that the anti-mesh is there to make the game better. At the end of the day its a game that we may hate the game in some ways, but we keep coming back to it.

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I just recently bought extinction 1 day prior to this incident. I decided to bring my very good giga with me for protection. Ran over a branch in the sanctuary city and it killed me. Tried to retrieve my body multiple times but after the second death to the mesh, my body and items disappeared. 

Server: PVP-EU-Extinction482

I will add another photo down below this one with an image of the branch that kills you. (Was not able to fit both images in one post cause of size cap)

Ticket Submit1 Resized 2.png

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i was moving my loot then i dropped my loot to move it to a managarmr and it got removed by anti-mesh i have no idea why this happened i was not in mesh the cement amount was 8k 1100 advanced rifle bullets 1600 element shards and the rest of the stuff you can see in the screen shots if there is anyway you can get me the stuff back please do thank you.

i do have video proof if its needed 

cords - Z -2296.039 Y -27309.531 X -146750.500


Server 649 ps4 abberation


Edit i found how to send the screen shots here they are





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On 6/5/2020 at 7:41 AM, terrakian said:

this is a video done just hours ago on Abberation 319 where i have not been able to access anything in my base in the NE Surface entrance cave for days. i have filed tickets since then and have received the last one saying show me snapshots or videos.. here is my video i sent....




Now 7 hours later my base and beds and evreything there has been destroyed...  Here are many screenshots of the tribe log which was the full length available and doesent show any of my cryofridges full of cryoed dinos... 




















I hope they replace this and not try to offer me 100 tech walls and foundations and other things that I dont need or want which they think is equal to all the time and effort of building, taming and gathering among some things I have done over my time snce day one on this server and its now up to day 20837...  

Bad news. If you go to page 24. You'll see my comments. One showing a screenshot from support. They aren't replacing anything lost. I lost a tame that the anti-meshing system destroyed the moment I tamed it. Even though it isn't my fault, the developers refuse to replace anything we lose. Which is kinda pathetic on their part.

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Server: EU-PVE-Official-Aberration377
Map: Aberration
Character: Illuminatus
Tribe: Illuminati

Dear community,

on Aberration 377 I lost my one and only rock drake "Rock'n Roll" (100% imprinted on me) to Anti-Meshing. A true screenshot is attached to this message.

What happened? I went with my drake into a spot where I saw one Egg and 2 drakes started to attack my drake even before I picked it up. When they attacked, I could not see anything at all. I was already somehow in the mesh. I dismounted my drake and spawned a Spino, on which I could mount before getting killed. I killed the drakes and whistled for the drake to follow, but I neither saw it nor was there any reaction. A quick look at the log revealed that it was destroyed due to anti-meshing.

I'd be happy to get at least my Rock'n Roll back and I appreciate any support on this.

Best regards,



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bonjour, je viens ici pour la deuxième fois, je suis dans la grotte d'araignée sur valguero, l'anti-mashing vient de moi faire perdre pour la deuxième fois stuff et dino, ca commence à moi les briser car aucune n'aide ne ne m 'est fourni, on me dit seulement de venir ici ou je n'ai aucune réponse

Raison de l'anti-maillage, je suis descendu de mon mana!


super ce jeu, les gens peuvent continuer à mailler à certains endroit par contre tu fais depop quand t'es sur la carte, sur peut m'expliquer la logique?

cartes au lieu de faire des nouvelles, il serait intéressant de fixer vos codes

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I was at red ob on center hidung under the ramp on the right side and when i was waiting for thansfer timer to be up i was told to respawn and then my body was gone and in trube log said I had meshed and i lost a 274 men a 444 pteradon and a 216 fab shotty heres a ss of the tribe log it had cords is there anyway to get that stuff back please


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