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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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rápido ayer en zona azul aberration luchado contra sin nombres mi rock drake se enterró junto con migo y yo morí y mi rock drake con 5 criopots fue destruido también. 

5 criopots 1 estego 1 doedicurus 1 rata 2 bulldogs y mi rock drake nivel 218 destruidos por un error , más de 8 horas de domar y 4 días para criar el rock drake más todas las horas de farmear 

Hola en aberración tengo dos bases una en zona azul (no uso) y la otra cerca del portal como en la zona azul no la uso cogí mi rock drake y me dediqué a coger los dinosaurios de la nevera criogénica en cual tenía 1 deedicurus 1 estego 1 rata y creo que 2 bulldogs, y en el inventario algo de metal cemento y no recuerdo qué más, entonces cogí el camino para ir a mi casa y guardarlo todo en un armario para el día 15 llevarlos a génesis entonces por el camino apague la luz de mi cabra para que aparecieran sin nombres y conseguir algo de veneno para mis crías cuando de repente en medio combate aparecido bajo tierra y morí, moré el historial y mi rock drake 218 murió y así perdí todo lo que va siendo más de 13 horas de domesticación y 4 días alimentando al rock drake, espero que se me devuelva algo ya que es un error gracias .

Mesalas tribu

Servidor aberración 617 pve 

cordenadas 43/59 zona azul aberración cerca del agua 


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The island 557

Anti meshing destroyed item cach

X= 252191.438

Y= 242809.469


Was doing a cave run for the skylord artifact and got killed by an onyc. Went back for my stuff only to find the bag not there and the above message in the tribe log. Not really sure what to do from here but typed the thing into google and this popped up. Didnt have any tames on me that died but i would really like all my stuff back considering it just disappeared for seemingly no reason

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I tamed a bloodstalker on genesis 1196 PS4. I was hanging off a tree branch when it tamed and then I immediately  fell to my death and got this notification in the trible log. This isn’t the first time my Dino disappears and genesis seems to be acting up even worse for some reason. Bloodstalkers are unable to keep a hold of me and I can’t tame them anymore because I fall to my death every time no matter the angle it’s hanging from. 


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Good evening.

30 minutes ago my Spino dissapear in aberration while a Reaper queen attacks me and my tribe. its a pve server so i dont have any reason to do meshing: 

Server: Aberration PVE 273 - PC

Tribe: Sombras

Date: 07/05/2020

Full HD image: https://prnt.sc/sce3u6



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Psn: xXlethalTrikzXx


Server: Eu-PVP-PS4Official-GenOne1264

I teleported to arctic north to do a stone run, as I spawned in my skiff was fully submerged into the small ledge next too the spawn and moments later it anti meshed. I cant attach my image as whenever I take a picture with my phone the image is over 399KB, if theres any way too reduce this or another place I can send my picture I will do. Thanks ?

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It seems to me that it wouldn't be any harder to push or move you out of meshing than to kill you and Dino's. Punishing accidental offenders doesn't mean you fixed the meshing . I lost 2 Drakes and a Bulbdog and a set of Tek gear. not to mention mastercraft and ascended weapons and tools. I postedd a video on my youtube channel   Brstplate Broken Blade     showing how I was trapped in the meshing. the other Drake was while I was offline. Had Dino gates destroyed too it seems that when rocks respawn around your structure the structure ends up in the meshing.779354579_ARK_SurvivalEvolved_20200508144557.thumb.jpg.9ef3085852bf0ac4575b725de61ce6e9.jpg

ARK_ Survival Evolved_20200505185307 (3).jpg

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