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antimesh Anti-Mesh System False Positives


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On 1/23/2020 at 1:47 PM, Cedric said:

Anti-Mesh System False Positives

What is a false positive?

A false positive is an instance where you receive a positive result for a test, when you should have received a negative results.  In the case of the anti-mesh system, this may flag you as being in the mesh when you are not actually in the mesh.  


I've created a thread to keep track of the areas in which we are seeing false positive, such as the Ice Cave.  Please let me know which areas you are seeing.  Also note, this is not a discussion about meshing but pointed feedback about areas you are having problems in!

Your feedback is appreciated as it will allow us to fine-tune the system.


Without screenshots of your tribe log and information on what map you were playing on, we are unable to act on the information you are providing.  Please be sure to include this when making reports.



My two tribemates and I were Rock Drake egg farming and one of my tribemates got GLITCHED into the ground while we were fighting off WILD Rock Drakes and then the anti-mesh system killed him and his Event Rock Drake that he had. It happened on NA-PVE-PS4Official-Aberration707. It happened on the FIRST day of the Valentines Event (Tuesday, February 11th)

This happened in Rock Drake Scar at roughly Latitude 62 Longitude 57 (X: 68344.398 Y: 81571.734 Z: -113242.641)

Picture of the tribe log is included. 


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197EDFE1-7B12-4210-9BDD-2852C337B5C0.thumb.jpeg.d490334d1b49836746139c61cb1abcc6.jpegHappend to us,

Server: EU-PvP-Ragnarok240

Map: as above, ragnarok

Date: 2020-02-18

Time: 18:30

I was about to pick up my anky with my tribemember on with my argentavis. 
My tribemember and ankyl fell throu the ground and died/dissapeard...

We lost a really good Anky due to this and as far as we know - we Will never be helped. Never been lucky with that.

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There is a problem with gasbags on ext.  WHen floating out of the tunnel leading out of the sunken forest, should the gasbag hit the ceiling in that tunnel, it will teleport above the entire area up above the map.  Should you not have enough air at that point, you are gonna have trouble landing w/out killing you or the mount. 

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Hello, i had a problem with this at Aberration ...



I lost a 190 Rock Drake right there ... i don't know what happened, but i tried to jump while i was standing right next to another rock drake of mine, and then i just dissapear with my rock drake ... 

The server was Aberration 241 (Official PVP)

I usually play on Valguero 535, if that help in something, but i guess i will never have my things back.


Is it possible to take it back? or it's lost forever and ever?

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Just lost another tame doing a resource run after  being picked up and dipped slightly in the map. First was on abb doing a metal run on an anky with a crab. This time was on extinction with a doedicurus and quetzel. For some reason it wont let me post the screenshots but here's the coordinates.

Abb: x=-124245.047 y=-109774.188 z=81354.789

Extinction: x=-91362.596 y=-38066.781 z=20195.164

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It wont let me post pictures because i can only upload .39kb? So this is literally all i can post at 1 time. But a reaper queen push our rockdrake under the mesh on the EU abberation crossplay server (there is only one) it had all of our chibis on it as well. Is our drake gone forever? Im sure the chibis are but that was our only drake at the time.


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Is anti meshing the same thing as falling below foundations? If so this is still happening, a lot! Both with tribemates and tames.

This screenshot is from when anti meshing was first announced. I have not had any others like this in tribe log...nevermind. I can't upload it, too large. It says "Day 20514, 12:13:17: Anti meshing destroyed 'Wood Railing' at X=308490.625 Y=80225.047 Z=36650.141!" On NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-Ragnarok167 (v794.14)

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I was walking through a little entrance hole to my hidden base, lost the mek that some big baller mega-grunt gave me, I had him cryo-d in my inventory. RIP. This was on Extinction in the sunken forest. I fly through the top entrance now lol I can give a server number if I am contacted by a dev or something, but it's too close to my base to give it out on a public forumPS_Messages_20200225_115629(1).thumb.jpg.db095a334b77b8da60456de0f6c9e62b.jpg

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This happened to me  x2 on the island server. I was hugging the rocks looking for a nice spot for a 1-2 man tribe.  Like a few of the crackhole places on ab for example. While hugging the rocks and following them all the way around, It acted as if there was no wall/rock as I was swimming and I went through the rock.  Then it happened again at a different location. Had to give up looking as I lost my tames in my inv. 


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