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Making Useless Character Stats Viable


First off my experience I have playing ARK is around 8k hours. I'm one of the few that don't AFK or hop around the crafting station. My time is well spent in-game because time is a finite resource. I only play PVP type servers as I enjoy the more chaotic side of ARK. Personally I've never been wiped with the group I play with but we've always been the type of people who play small tribes or cluster servers. We usually quit when we get bored of something leaving no traces behind and start anew somewhere else.

Fortitude:  This skill has gotten some love in the past but the points given aren't worth it. I think getting 5 Fortitude per point would increase its value by A LOT. Even the troodons would run away in fear knowing their bites are ineffective against you. However Fortitude becomes too OP when its 10 per point. At around 300+ you become torpor immune. You reach 100 torpor and can never be knocked out. That beach clubbing bob will tremble in fear at the sight of your almighty fists. Doing 5 Fortitude per point is a good balance however. It would take a quite an investment to become torpor immune but it would give you more flexibility in terms of where you could go, how much food/water/brews you consume and what dangers you can ignore. I also think Fortitude should give tenacity for things like Microraptor/Eel stuns. We all hate Eels...

Food:  This stat could work well with Health. Giving an extra ability to food like a health regeneration multiplier.

((Health.5)(Food.5))/100=#%. So 200HP/200Food gives a 100% boost to 7.3HP. Which would give a player 14.6 HP ever 6 seconds. This could even stack or increase the multiplier of Enduro stew and brews.

Water:  This stat could work well with Fortitude. It would reduce the amount of stamina used based on your fortitude. Like (fort*water)/100=#%. Like 10 points in fort/water is 4k/100 = 40% less stamina drain on actions.

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