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add a grab toggle for unridden megalosaurus, or fix their AI.


unridden megalosaurus will constantly attempt to grab creatures too big to be grabbed, instead of using standard bite attack, the grab has set damage, making unridden megalosaurus almost useless. it's been this way since 2017. simply adding a grab toggle to their radial menu, or fixing their AI so they don't use the grab at all while unridden. Either would be a huge QoL improvement for the dino.

Their bite does a base of 75 damage, making their dps higher than a rex.

Their AI grab attack does scale with melee but does a pathetic 10 damage base. so AI megalos do 13% of the damage per bite compared to ridden ones, and obviously attack slower than a player spamming bite.

this is already a dino that outside of aberration is near useless due to it's sleeping "feature".

I know this has been brought up before, I'm just bringing it up again, because either the ark devs still don't realize this is an issue, or they don't care.


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