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How do I find someone to play with ?

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Honestly, I'm not a brilliant player, but I'd love to get better. All my friends don't like this game so I don't have anyone to play with. Playing with someone and being able to share experience is great, so I'm looking for an opportunity to meet new people. Does anyone know if there are any sites or forums where you can find someone to play with. ? I will be grateful for any help because playing alone is not the same as playing with other.  Have a nice day everyone !

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If you plan on playing PvE then you can sometimes find new people in game, its worth trying to start up conversation with people or ask if anyone is new and wants to play with you. PvE is more forgiving to new players and in a lot of servers you will find help to get you started. Just don't go asking for free stuff or you will probably get negative response. Most tribes may not invite you in until you build up some kind of relationship because its high risk inviting a new person in your tribe.

If you want to play PvP i would recommend you dont even bother right now if you are new. PvP is toxic and extremely unforgiving, it will ruin your view of the game very quickly. at least learn the game in PvE first and then make the move. However, finding a tribe via chat wont happen.

Other than that there are a thousand different unofficial servers, websites and pages. Just know that unofficial is excatly that and doesnt receive support from the devs or get and of the weekend evo events, though most of them have higher rates anyway.

Honestly im a solo player and still enjoy the game but im sure someone here may help you find a good reddit group or something on discord.

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