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pvp [PS4/5] #TCGC Discord 3x Harvest 1.5 XP - All Maps - EU

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(The Cool Guys Club - Too many beers one night... We really aren't cool :))


The Island
Crystal Isles
Scorched Earth


We are a tribe of 8 from the UK, with approx 14 other tribes playing actively across our servers. Fun and rewarding settings. We've been running this group of clusters for the past 3 months and looking for more tribes or individuals to come join the fun. 

PVP allowed, but we ask people to play considerately. 

We've recently added discord @ https://discord.gg/wuhz7AEr8a

General Settings

1.5x On most settings such as XP/Multi/Special/Taming
5x Hatch speed
3x Harvesting
0.5x Night speed
Always pickup enabled
Structure decay disabled
Difficulty Offset 1
Difficulty 5

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