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Surface daytime fire at night glitch. Help. Drakes and glow pets dead.

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My friend and I have been playing aberration for a while now, and just need to get a couple more blueprints to fight rockwell. We were on the North west surface when out of nowhere the game crashed. We both decided to get off, but when we got on later in the day, I being the host of the server, logged on to find my dinos and I burning and dying within 3 seconds. I looked at the sky and saw darkness and stars, indicating it was night. I then quit the app and reloaded the world, and when I died again, the time in the top left said it was 00:31. For someone reason we were burning and it was still during the night. We will try to go in with Dino and character resistance set to 0.0 to try and get everything back, but if that doesn’t work, 10 plus hours of work will be gone. We both dislike the frequent crashes but have accepted that they happen, and no longer care too much when they do happen. That being said, never in our wildest dreams would have expected to lose our most valued dinos to the daylight flames in the middle of the night. Please help, thank you.

We tried setting resistance to 0.0 and it worked, but only for characters.  My player was fine but both drakes and glow pets burned like it was day.  It was night.  If anyone has any solutions please say them.  I can’t copy past the players only command because on console that would take too long to type out.  Thanks.




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