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Welcome to the Devil’s Playground PvP cluster! Search: “DPG”


Server rates:

4x XP

10x Harvest

16x Taming

1.2x Loot Quality

15x Player weight

32x Maturation/Incubation

1 Imprint for all Dinos!


Join and enjoy:

Starter packs in Green Drops

3 Day grace period for new tribes

Monthly Giveaways

Biweekly events

Raid Bases and

Transferable Element!

Join the community on discord for more detailed settings, along with channels for chatting and trading with fellow survivors. Link to the Discord is in the message of the day when joining the server. https://discord.gg/3GwbB58p


Rules are simple:

No meshing

No duping

No toxic behavior in global chat or Discord

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