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Hi I’m Victoria, Gamer Platinum_blond66 I’m from England, been playing for a number of years now I’m at lvl 141, I have a 2nd character that I use as my crafter.

I work nights at the weekend Friday to Sunday and gaming Monday to Thursday, I not had that much practice at land pvp but I am good at defending and cave pvp, I was one of admin in my last tribe and I understand how important no matter big or small the job is to a tribe.

farming I don’t know if this is sad to say but do to get some enjoyment out of it lol 

timing and breeding I have a good number of dinos and eggs on me at the moment to get ready for the Easter event that coming up soon 

if you have any questions for me il be happy to answer. Best to contact me on psn 

hope to hear from you soon 


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