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You are stacking the mutations. If you breed the dinos into themselves the mutations are gonna keep stacking on top of each other. So basically you get a clean 5/20 mutations, then breed it with one of its parents, it will "stack" and become 10/20 mutations even though you only have 5 mutations.


It's really unintuitive but it's how it works. The thing people do to keep getting mutations is to have two separate lines : one that guarantees stats and has all the crazy stacked mutations which is used to produce usable dinos. And another one that is basically just a bunch of really low level tamed/cloned females.


How this works is those females will always provide a clean 0 mutations on the maternal side since they are basically tamed. This does mean you might get an egg with trash stats except for one mutated stat you want, in which case you need to re-breed those stats into the first breeding line of guaranteed high levels until you get a male with all the right stats, who will become the new breeding male for your second line of 0/0 females. Rinse and repeat.


Hope everything was easy to understand.

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best practice is to keep hp mutations separate and melee mutations separate.  Unless you need mutations in other stats, these 2 will be able to mutate, as long as, both parents are below 20 mutation counts.  Soon as you hit 20, the % chance of a mutation gets cut by more than half.  I generally just toss any other mutation in the trash, even if i have +4 hp, then that pops a melee one -= that's trash.  If i have +4 hp mutations stacked, the next one i keep will be +5 to hp, nothing else. 


Once you get to 20, you can just combine everything, keep breeding that to the clean set of females and , you'll probably realize you need more than 2x the # of females you used before.

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