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I am maintaining a 7-server ORP pvp cluster and I am trying to configure everything on my end to positively handle the connections to it. 

Cpu: i7-8700k (6 core)
Ram: 64gb ddr4-2600
Storage: 1tb WDblack NVME
Connection type: Cable, 200mbps down/12mbps up
Average latency for players: 15-30ms
Average player base: As high as 40 players (Latency spikes have occurred only during battles)

I was originally doing this off of an onboard Intel Killer NIC but purchased a nice little i350-t2 server adapter with detailed adapter configuration capability and utilize its offloading capabilities and superior packet handling. So far I love it! ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015FQ379E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )

With that said I am looking to be sure I am properly adjusting the settings that matter so would like to understand the types of data being sent between my clients and my players so I can configure it to favor it in all instances possible (even if the returns are negligible).

  • I assume the main data type is UDP packets for player status ingame
  • TCP packets I'd assume is for such things as querying and transferring sort of things. 

I am just knowledgeable enough to understand most of this stuff at a surface level and comprehend how it might impact performance. But I want to be sure I have it correct. 

There are a lot of setting in the adapter that have some proprietary terms and its important to me to get it right.

While I am here. Regarding connections:

  •  I have been running on the assumption each player connection absorbs 60Kbps of my Down/Up while connected. ( Is this a good rule of thumb to determine bandwidth requirements or am I high/low? )
  • My router is an ea8300 linksys, it has a 700mhz single core processor. I am unsure of its packet processing capabilities. (Can anyone tell me if this is too underpowered to maintain a stable connection) 
  • Would a managed switch be better? An unmanaged switch? A better router? I cannot connect directly, I need the connection split to the household. 

Thanks to ANYONE who gives me positive feedback. I appreciate it in advance! Feel free to ask for clarification, happy to discuss!


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Sure would be nice if the maps with zero players on it reduced CPU/RAM as just a normal feature.

I will have to look at how much bandwidth is consumed when a player is connected next time I am on my Linux server.  The main things to count per person would not only be down/up bandwidth but also RAM consumed but I imagine these are variable based on what the player is doing, how large their base is and how many dinos they have around them.

You can see exactly what ports are in use on the server with this command:

lsof -i -P -n | grep Shooter

When running that command, it shows that Ark is only listening on UDP.  Only exception is TCP but I only use that locally so that rule is not in my firewall at all.


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