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pvp ARKadia ORP [5x]XP Harvest [10x] Tame Breed Hatch

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Welcome to ARKadia ORP! Join our discord for more information on servers and rates! https://discord.gg/vqFE4P4w8J

Max Wild Dino Levels:

150 Normal
180 Tek Dinos
190 Wyvern/drake eggs


Increased Stack Sizes for most items.
No-Clip enabled.
200 Turret Limit.
Unlimited Respecs.
7-man Tribes.
Tribe Imprinting.
Unclaimed Babies don't wander.
Tek suit enabled on Genesis.
Admin logging enabled.
Tribute/Element Transfers.
Auto-farm plugin using /farm to turn it on/off.


5x XP
5x Harvesting
10x Taming
10x Breeding (increased mating bar speed too)
10x Hatch speed
10x Maturation
2x Player health
2x Player stamina
10x Player weight
Slightly increased fortitude.
Increased tamed dino weight.



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