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trying to transfer data from solo to unofficial server

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I'm assuming you mean they don't show up? That would be correct as I don't believe it's possible to transfer characters from solo to multiplayer like that. The only way I recon you could maybe do it is if whoever owns the server puts the character files in the servers world or cluster directory. Even then I wouldn't be surprised if it wouldn't load them. If your not hosting your own server (on your own hardware not through a provider) I really doubt it's possible but maybe someone else will know of something different

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What is running the server?

Can you access the game directories on your PS4?

On PC the answer is to copy the Single Player "profile file" into the server saved directory - and there rename it to (in Steam PC case) to the players Steam ID .  (e.g. LocalPlayer.arkprofile  ->  76543210987654321.arkprofile in ARK/ShooterGame/Saved/MyNewIsland/ on the server)

Now how to do that for PS4 I dunno (what you would use as a Steam ID?) and I also dunno that you can access the PS4's disk directly to go find your profile file?  This also depends on this server running under windows or linux - and you having access to that server ???

With all of the caveats above - join the server, start a new bob, quit, and then go see on the server what .arkprofile file is created - that will give an idea around what to copy & rename your LocalPlayer file to.

Sorry - probably not much help - but I ain't got a PS4 :)

Edit === Note this will just take your toon definition i.e. levels / engrams learnt & so on. It will NOT take inventory kit or owned dinos or anything else - that stuff lives in the game file save for the map.

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