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Hi guys, I started breeding crystal wyverns (Tropical). I had tamed up high level crystal wyverns. And I was breeding them but then I saw pictures of crystal wyverns that looked so cool. Mine are like green and a little bit yellow which I do not like. I found a level 50 that looks super cool but its stats are not that good. So I was wondering If I could breed them together so I could have A good looking one and a good stat one. 

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You will have to keep many in between versions to get to a final state.   It's a 55% chance for each of the higher stats , and colors are 50% chance for all 4 zones.


This means that if you had a perfect stat mix, and a perfect color mix mated - the chances of getting the right baby on 1 try would be (11/20)^6 x (1/2)^4  =  or a 0.173% chance of working out.  Which is why you will work to merge in between mixes until you get it all together.  It's not that hard, but it will take effort and some luck.

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