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Wildcard, please discard the ARK 2 trailer as an unplanned pregnancy.

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After all of this, I'm feeling seriously awful. ARK is my favorite game that gave me thousands of hours of unforgettable experience. And now.. eh.. 2 months ago you shows us this...
This is the spit in the ARK community's face.  Yes, we need ARK 2. But that trailer is a turd breeded by marketers. Which is awful.

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13 hours ago, ReinhardtR said:

This is a marketing gimmick: to show something bad, anti-advertising in the spirit of cyberpunk teasers in reverse. This is done to make the product easier to enter the market.

How do you know it's not just that they were really excited to announce what they had decided upon - to start working on Ark 2 - and this was all they could manage to squeeze out in time?

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47 minutes ago, Grandta said:

It's still crazy they didn't wait till after Gen2 to announce it.

We get no info about Gen2 but let's announce a new game which will make Ark 1 completely irrelevant.


They shot themselves in the foot.

To be fair, that was likely their initial plan. Keep in mind that Genesis Part 2 has been delayed a lot (due to the pandemic and whatnot) and was more than likely already supposed to be released by the time ARK 2 was announced. But either way, regardless the fact they announced it after or not, by the time it actually release next year you will be done with Genesis Part 2 and ready to move on to something else.

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