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Further S+ integration?


Hi guys, does anyone else think that we need more of the S+ mod integrated into the standard game, or at least give us console/windows players the option to enable this in either our solo games or on our own private rented servers as I realise some of the additions thus mod makes are way to excessive for official. 

Does anyone else out there agree with me or am I being a bit too demanding?

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The Structures Plus update that they released as the "Homestead Updated" wasn't really an S+ update in my opinion.

Sure they copied a few of the items and abilities, but as they used so little of what S+ truly is, I don't think they can consider it the "S+ Update".  They used the tag line to try and sell it as such for hype, and to a degree they succeeded. For Console players it was something. Something new when they had received so little. I know this because at the time, I was one of them. 

However anyone who has truly read through the S+ Mod capabilities and additions should realize how much they held back on. Which I learned quickly after comparing what they added to what they didn't. 

So yes, they should add more for the S+ Mod. Either as an standard game items and features, or as options you can turn on/off at will through settings. 

And for those that may think it could be too much work, I am not saying that it would have to be released all at once. They could do it in phases. An example of which: 

  • Homestead 2.0: Stacking Foundations & Even Ceiling/Foundation snapping. 
  • Homestead 3.0: Glass Tier - Upgraded Greenhouse tier. 
  • etc... 

Tackle it one step at a time as opposed to adding it all at once. The same process which could have been used for Primitive+, but that is an entirely different discussion. 

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