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Ark Server Epic Games Connectivity Issues (Cant Connect)

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Hello and Welcome to my first Topic.

So heres my Problem:

-I created an Ark Server a few Days ago using Cubecoders AMP, but for any Reason Epic Games Players Cant connect.

-With Steam Users there are absolutely no Problems.

-Epic Players can see the Server in the List, but when trying to connect it says: Login Failed Connection lost

-Crossplay is enabled

-Battleeye is disabled

-no server password

-no mods


I would be very Thankfull if anybody can halp fixing this.

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Connections from EPIC Ark have always had problems.

When I conect to my server from Steam, it almost always has an instant connection.
When I connect to my server from EPIC, it never has an instant connection.  Sometimes I have to retry 2 or 4 times.

You need to find your external IP address - it won't be
Also make a note of the port number you've used for the Ark server.

Try launching a single-player game of Ark on EPIC.  Press TAB for the console command line, then enter...
open  IP:port

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AFAIK, Ark requires an IP (version 4) address - it doesn't work with DNS names.

If your server and router are running 24/7, and you have a half-decent ISP then your external IP address won't change too often.
My external IP address changes roughly every 6 months or so.  At that point, all the players have to find my server in the Unofficial server list again.


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