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Config Settings not working on server.

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So I have a few servers for my cluster (To avoid waiting on loading screen when switching map), and I have this weird issue. I have changed some config settings to increase the speed of all things related to breeding (Mating interval, mature speed, incubation etc.), but for some reason, it just won't work on my Island map. I copied over the settings to aberration, and brought a baby from island to aberration, and it started maturing much quicker. What is causing this? I have opened the .ini files several times to see if the values got changed, but they are still the same.

Yes, I do use ASM too, and even changes there doesn't seem to work. And I also close ASM when manually editing the .ini files like it says I should. So I am just clueless why it's not working.

Anyone here got any ideas?

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51 minutes ago, Larkfields said:

In your original post, you say that you closed ASM.  
That's not necessarily the same as stopping the Ark Server.

Yeah, sorry I didn't mention that, but like I said, I did that. And relaunched the server. And checked the values while it was running, without it being overwritten, but it is still slow.

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ASM can be a bit picky with saving configs. I've found the best way is stop the server, wait for it to stop, then close ASM but monitor it in task manager as it can take a while to actually shut down as its saving configs in the background. Open it again, make your changes, save it, I then overkill it and close ASM again, wait for it to close, restart it and start the server.

If you're making changes manually to the configs instead of using ASM itself then make sure after shutting down the server, closing ASM and reopening ASM, that you import the new config into the profile before re-saving.

I'm told you shouldn't have to do all this baloney but from experience (I'm currently running nine servers in ASM) it seems to be the only way for it to reliably save some of the configs.

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