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Welcome to
-~ FULL WAR ~-
An Ark Mobile Server

Thinking about sharpening your skills against players? Or are you already a beast at PvP? Well whether you’re a lone wolf, or prefer to run with the whole pack, FULL WAR will put your PvP skills to the test! Come join our fun loving, good-natured, and growing community of bloodthirsty survivors!

🦸‍♂️super4 day Raid Protection for new arrivals

🦅 Starter Kit w/ ascendant gear, mats to get you going, and an Eerie Argent!
🧬 Free Lvl 100 (given with kit)
🔓 Taming cage at Red Obelisk w/ other Community Areas to come!
🏃‍♂️Caves are cleared for speed runs! (Exception: Hunter Cave)
❤️ Our friendly Admin and support staff is available to provide assistance in Portuguese, Spanish, & English
💵 Admin Shop to buy mats, premiums, and dinos
🤼‍♂️Admin Hosted Events, Giveaways, and more!
🌠 Community rules in place to keep the game fun and fair.
🍻 Active WhatsApp and Discord chats with staff participation (Family Friendly)
🛑 Toxic players and hackers are NOT welcome and will be dealt with accordingly.


✅MAX Rates w/ shortened nights
✅ Region: NA
✅ Difficulty: Brutal
✅ Game mode: PvX Weekdays/All out __**WAR**__ weekends!
✅ Transfers: With permission
✅ Max Tribe Slots: 15
✅ Structure Decay/Tame Unclaim: Enabled
✅ Flyer Debuff: Disabled

We are - FULL WAR - and we will be waiting for you in the ARK!-


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