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Transfer Between Servers Disabled


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  • barret120 changed the title to transfer between servers disabled

Cannot tranfer out of my server onto another server.

I can open the obelisk, search for servers, and a server list will show up, but the "Join with survivor" button is not usable...

This unusable button makes me unable to transfer.


-> ARKData dowload Disabled

So also my server has it now disabled... (343, EU PVE island)

Good thing I went to this server yesterday, last thing I did online, else my infants would have died...


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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Transfer Between Servers Disabled
  • 3 months later...

I’m having the same issues... I was on Genesis 1, was curious and wanted to check out Genesis 2 PVE. It would let me open the server list from the transmitter, and attempt to join back to my Gen1 server but wouldn’t let me download. And now my character is stuck in limbo and won’t download to any server at all!!! I don’t want to start over 

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