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Evo events All the time not limited for all servers please for lockdown devs


With Lockdown still happing ect with covid 19 things around the world is still in a bad state like to relax on Ark with friends when crafting ect. But when the Ark devs limit the events to friday - monday for standed evo what makes this even more depressing as normal rates takes far to long to do things and hard to stay on Ark for countless Hours on one thing. So i ask the Dev team to please allow us to have fun in ARK with X2 with the hard times going on.

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No. They just increased the rates permanently last year. 

The servers perform way worse during evo events, making them sustained would be super annoying.

I like the occasional evo events. You can still get a bunch done with the current x1 rates (which only last year was x2). 

I hope they keep the evo events as a specialty or else they can just call them new rates.

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