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Community Crunch 256: Introducing Voidwyrm & Update on Genesis II


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To everyone who continues to post hate comments, you do know that no one cares about your unoriginal opinion right?

When it comes to wildcard, they are a fairly decent company who actually cares about their game and doesn't try to realese a half-assed dlc just for the sake of releasing it. They actually bothered to listen to feedback from their comunity (no matter how much you insult them) to try and improve game for your sake as the player, they're not going to be the ones who are going to be playing the game and yet they're going out of they're way to try and make the game a better experience for you as the player.

Look if they were a money grabing company like any other than they would've already released the dlc and not cared what you had to say, but here they are wasting their own time and money to try and make sure that you actually enjoy the game.

So please stop whinning, it gets really annoying having to look through the comments and mainly seeing hate comments.

Also if you're planning to respond to this, just don't, I'm not gonna be wasting anymore of my time with this matter. Also this took a really time to write, so please for my sake dont make me write anymore.


the wait isn't that long, and I'm really looking forward to part 2 


Looking back on this comment i was quite rude and unprofessional, let me apologise. I was just annoyed, and all I'm trying to say is that you dont have to be so mean (like i was) they're just trying to make the game better for you. Sorry again if i was to salty.

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I was rude.
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1 hour ago, ladyteruki said:

If by "structures and items" you mean "a new building tier because we haven't added one since the Scorched Earth DLC and that was back when we were still in Early Access", then you're all forgiven. THEN AND ONLY THEN.
I think I paid for this DLC about two years ago now ? What's two more months.

Or 8 to 10 for that matter.

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"We know that what you want is news on Genesis II, so let's not mince words and get straight to it: We have decided to push our final DLC release date to May 26th, for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. "

Ok, so that is kind of terrible news. Yes I did just say "kind of". While I am sure almost everyone will be, completely justifiably, enraged by this I am personally quite happy.

You see, some short while ago I was having a chat, a debate if you will, with someone in a Discord about the Gen2 release and I told them quite clearly it would not be in March. No way. As you can imagine, we got a little "into it" and the result was a bet.
I held fast to my assertion that in NO way would Gen2 be released in March and would be no sooner than May, if not June and quite possibly even later. They were equally adamant that as it had already been terribly delayed beyond what would be considered 'acceptable' there was no way any studio would let it be delayed further. Therefore we agreed that whoever was correct would receive from the other person the following:
100 large tek walls;
100 tek foundations;
200 tek ceilings;
4 tek dino gates & frames;
4 tek behe gates & frames;
2 tek generators;
2 transmitters;
2 tp's;
2 cloners.

Honestly, I CAN NOT FKN WAIT for them to log in when they get in from work cos my new base is going to look awesome!!

So a big THANK YOU WC - your continued ineptitude does actually bring great joy to (admittedly very, very few) people at certain times \o/

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Like COME on WildCard, i bought ps plus to have time to play on GEN 2. BUT OF COURSE, YOU PUSH THE RELEASING DATE! i don't like this, at least i hope that gen 2 and ark 2 are worth buying. And please, at least tell us from now, what are you delaying, cuz maybe people are making plans on when to buy and stuff like that. 

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Pathetic. 5 months late. This studio is one of the most trashy, disorganized, lying, joke of game developers. Maybe finish the first game before you pull resources to start a new one.  The mpst reliable thing about Wild Card is unreliability. People need to take theri anger and frustration and focus it. DO NOT BUY ARK 2.  There aere so many more iptions with more to come. You wouldn't keep eating at a restaurant who constantly messes up your orders and even when you get the food is terrible correct? Focus. 


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I think what they mean to say instead of the bullpoop excuse of virtual deployment of their dev team is that they have yet again stretched their resources even more thin by having to deploy to a completely new system such as stadia.


Because lets face it a software based company having to transition to a virtual workspace is like a ice cream man in a truck having to transition to a set driving route to a parking lot. So that excuse is just bullpoop.


Having to make changes to your code to get it working on a completely different system is a whole other ballgame. Not to mention pulling even more resources to start on the 2nd game. 


Oh and the voidwyrm, great the tek wyvern FINALLY makes an appearance as part of a selling point to a new DLC. Not very impressed.

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This is ridiculous, if you expect people to buy ark 2 don't you think you should start showing us we can count on you. Never on time for anything. I may not buy ark 2 until it's like $10. I've spent so much money buying all the dlc's for ark and bout ark in pre-release and I have boasted about how good the game has been but as far as trusting the team creating it, I'm losing that. 

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11 hours ago, Pumba4Panda said:

Haven't been on time for a single DLC or update why change it for the last one! I'm sure this one will be just as broken as every other initial release dlc and have exceptional excuses to cover it up. Thanks for another let down ❤️ 


Just curious when can we start expecting excuses and delays for ark 2?

Wow could you be any more of a garbage person? Covid 19 running rampant and forcing people to change how they work and all you care about is what you want. Karma doesnt play just saying

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26.05.2021? wow very fast as on WildCard which always translates FINAL dlc release dates.
I think genesis 2  will be released in 2023 or "winter 2024" or + add yet 2-3years xDDDD
it is joke.

Ark II on 95% i don't buy lost only time. I want end genesis 2, kill alpha boss, tame all creature from this dlc and end with ark "1".

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2 hours ago, PhotekPlays said:

2 dni przed nadejściem marca powiedz nam, że to kolejny 3-miesięczny zwrot?!?!?!?!

oś czasu:

wydanie w styczniu 2021 r

wydanie marzec 2021 r

wydanie maj 2021

dobra robota Panowie

teraz masz ostateczną wymówkę, której zawsze szukałeś :RE, covid

musisz czuć się teraz jak w niebie

dlaczego nie cofnąć go do 2022 roku

2022 hmm better in "winter 2025" or better... release genesis 2 later than ARK II XDD

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1 hour ago, MayaPatch said:

I hope you guys are going fine! This situation it's hard for everyone :)

At this point I hope my GPU arrives before Genesis II so i can play it at its best hahahah

Let's be frank here - you probably have the time to do a degree in micro-electronic design, hand-source the finest materials, design and then manufacture your own gfx card by the time Gen2 gets seen

1 hour ago, Lumpy1982 said:

This is ridiculous, if you expect people to buy ark 2 don't you think you should start showing us we can count on you. Never on time for anything. I may not buy ark 2 until it's like $10. I've spent so much money buying all the dlc's for ark and bout ark in pre-release and I have boasted about how good the game has been but as far as trusting the team creating it, I'm losing that. 

I paid just under £9 for Ark, roughly the same for the 'everything else' bundle and I will be damned if I spend more than that for Ark 2 - if I even bother; cos in all honesty, an Ark with no machines or tek etc is basically Prim+ with added extra Vin Diesel and while I enjoy his films (mostly) that just doesn't sway me. If I wanted to play Prim+ I would have done so already. Sod paying top-whack for an entire (no doubt buggy as all hell for the 1st 6 months anyway) game of the crap!

And finally as it is becoming almost obligatory now:


You nearly had Ark 2? You! Nearly had Ark 2? <sniggers> YOU NEVER EVEN HAD YOUR GEN2!! <holds arms out, swaggers around>

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I have been with you guys since the ARK Xbox release. This is AWESOME.

I ALWAYS appreciate time taking. James Cameron understands. I want and love ARK.

I enjoy playing what we have out now. 

I do hope ARK 2 will be created slowly and carefully with love. Ones of the saddest thing about ARK is how so much has been taken away by the whiny fans.

"This is to hard make it easier and do it faster and then I'll complain about low quality"

It's a dinosaur SURVIVAL game.

I hate our cultures mentality lately. It's gross.

I'm hoping Vin diesel will laugh in Ridck- wont let me spell it😑 fashion at the cry babies and bring back the fears and hardships of ARK. I want to be scared of raptors pinning me, gigas raging, etc etc.

But I also want it to be a fun building and breeding sandbox with beautiful environments.

And get rid of your internet/server hosts. I'm pretty sure there the problem. That and your good but outdated engine.

You guys keep doing you! We love you for it!

I'm excited about the animated series! I don't even know where it's going to be watchable.

Also are you guys going to have merchandise like toys sets, stuffed animal, books, etc? 

You should. I desire. 🥰

Also we need a horse Tek sale that gives them pegasus wings. More costumes and skins for making saddles look different. Not just costume skins but ones that give the sales different looks.

A direwolf ovis costume. A corrupted skin. Fix the Tek skins.add more bones and alternative dinosaur costumes. Like the brachiosaurus costume. Make more stuff paintable. Like cryo fridges and replicators cloners etc.

Add round building structures.

Make basilisk and snakes breed able. And fish maybe? Like pirhana, salmon, and celicanth.

Matter in ARK 2 make bases a rabbit hole so anyone can build it anywhere and peele can only come in by invitation. Like you can still build on the map but it's more like for fun seige and stuff not actually your base. This could make it so pve and pvp can be done in the same game. I would love to be able to play in pvp zones and pve other places. Just an idea.

Thank you for making bugs and bats breed able.

Can we continue to get TLCs for the still creatures? It can only make it easier to know how to make ARK 2 more epic. Perhaps araneo should climb walls. Who cares if it's Acurate?

Ravagers need to be a smithy. Just my desire. I use them instead of argy.

And parent dinos should be able to feed it nurses thier babies. Maybe if allowed to be parents fed them imprints aren't allowed?

Just ideas.

Ty wc for the fun game🥰


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36 minutes ago, Magmasaur103 said:

is the command for the new tek gloves skin out yet?

Run this on The Island:

setplayerpos 255157 247694 -14359|giveexplorernote 868|giveexplorernote 869|giveexplorernote 870|giveexplorernote 871|giveexplorernote 872


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